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Guide to the Deliverance Prayers for the Laity with Father Ripperger

Steve: Welcome everybody back. Steve with Sensus Fidelium coming at you once again with Father Ripperger, who you pretty much already know, so we won’t go through the particulars of “Hey Father. Who are you. What do you do.” So anyway, how are you though? Father: I’m doing well. We’re doing very well. Thank you, […]

Dr. Carpentier discusses NFP – Part 1

Palm Sunday

From Liturgical Year Dom Gueranger and Hamon’s Meditations – The Triumphant Entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem; Betrayal of Judas, Denial of Peter.

Keep the Commandments, Sanctification – Part 3

Hall of Fame for Saints

“Indulge Me”

The ease of earning indulgences and why it is worth your time and effort.

Interview with Suzie Andres, Part 2

What qualifies us to be called “Catholic?” How many of us “Catholics” could answer even the basic questions about “our” faith? Suzie Andres joins us again to help explore more deeply the Catholic identity. That is, who we are and how we understand ourselves. What we do is, of course, very important (“You shall know […]

Praying the Way of the Cross Liam Neeson

NFP with Barbara Meier, Part 2

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