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Interview with Suzie Andres, Part 2

March 27, 2021

What qualifies us to be called “Catholic?” How many of us “Catholics” could answer even the basic questions about “our” faith? Suzie Andres joins us again to help explore more deeply the Catholic identity. That is, who we are and how we understand ourselves. What we do is, of course, very important (“You shall know them by their fruits,” Jesus tells us (Mt 7:16). The “them” are Jesus’s disciples, his followers–you and me. And as his followers, we know that we are more likely to do if it comes from who we are. So, do you occasionally do your Catholic faith, say, by meeting your Sunday “obligation” for Sunday Mass? Or, does that faith permeate every fiber of your being, impelling you to seek God’s glorification and to do until others as you would have them do to you–out of love? This love is the font of all the beauty of our faith, with its transcendent art, majestic cathedrals, moving literature and soaring music–all inspired and undergirded by Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition and the Sacraments–to teach the faith through all our senses.