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Interview with Suzie Andres, Part 2

What qualifies us to be called “Catholic?” How many of us “Catholics” could answer even the basic questions about “our” faith? Suzie Andres joins us again to help explore more deeply the Catholic identity. That is, who we are and how we understand ourselves. What we do is, of course, very important (“You shall know […]

Suzie Andres, Part 1

Does it bother you when someone walks into the pew for Sunday Mass, but doesn’t genuflect? Did you know that when you see the red light or lit candle near the Tabernacle, that Jesus is present inside that holy compartment? If you don’t feel good after the Sacrament of Reconciliation, does it mean you didn’t […]

Q-tips Lent Prayer

As we enter the season of Lent, Dan and Tom wrestle with the latest set of covid-related guidelines by the bishops, those that call for the use of Q-tips by priests and deacons for the distribution of ashes. We are a sensory Church! But, it seems that anxiety and fear continue to grip many in […]