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Guide to the Deliverance Prayers for the Laity with Father Ripperger

Steve: Welcome everybody back. Steve with Sensus Fidelium coming at you once again with Father Ripperger, who you pretty much already know, so we won’t go through the particulars of “Hey Father. Who are you. What do you do.” So anyway, how are you though? Father: I’m doing well. We’re doing very well. Thank you, […]

So, the battlefield: the generals look like they’re overrunning the thing, but God is now forming the troops. It’s coming together, slowly. Doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. It’s going to be difficult, but at a certain point those people who are faithful, their ability to influence the good is going to be rather extraordinary.

Quote from Father Ripperger’s talk, State of the Spiritual Battlefield

Father Ripperger: State of the Spiritual Battlefield

Why don’t we go ahead and start with a prayer? In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Direct, O Lord, all our actions by Thy holy inspirations and carry them on by Thy gracious assistance so that every prayer and work of ours may begin from Thee, and, by […]

Father Ripperger on COVID Vaccine

The following transcript is taking from the Resistance Podcast, episode 143 Steve: Welcome everybody. Steve with Sensus Fidelium coming at you again with Father Ripperger and our friend Ryan Grant. Father, Ryan. Good morning. Whenever, wherever you are. Father: Good morning. Ryan: Good morning. Steve: So today’s topic: we’re talking about vaccinations. That’s obviously the […]

Fr Ripperger: Levels of Spiritual Warfare

The above video is provided by the Sensus Fidelium apostlate. The following transcript is provided by WQPH. I tell people that I’m becoming famous just by telling everybody what the saints say. You don’t have to say anything original or phenomenal, you just have to tell people this is what the saints say and everybody […]

WQPH Local Matters – October 19th, 2019

A talk titled “Rosary: A Spiritual Weapon” by Fr. Ripperger. Content courtesy of the Sensus Fidelium apostolate. Original video on Youtube. The audio has been modified, it has been edited for length.