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“Heaven, Hell, Mercy” – Part 3

3rd and final part of the sermon of St. Leonard of Port Maurice nothing that, no matter how many are saved proportionally, if we are determined to be saved we will be. Aired 4/17

“Heaven, Hell, Mercy” – Part 2

We continue to read the famous sermon of St. Leonard of Port Maurice and note that these truths are one of the reasons why God provided feasts like Divine Mercy Sunday.

“Heaven, Hell, Mercy” – Part 1

The most famous sermon of St. Leonard of Port Maurice called “The little number of those who are saved” At the time of divine Mercy Sunday it’s a sermon worth hearing. Aired 4/3

Fr. Michel Rodrigue, Apostle of the Last Times? (Part II)

Part II of a talk by Fr. Michel Rodrigue of Quebec, who has founded the order of the Apostolic Fraternity of Saint Benedict Joseph Labre, gives a stunning testimony of the miraculous founding of his order, and the messages from private revelations that he has received about a worldwide warning that precedes the Final Battle.