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Fr. Michel Rodrigue, Apostle of the Last Times? (Part II)

September 21, 2019

Fr. Michel Rodrigue of Quebec, who has founded the order of the Apostolic Fraternity of Saint Benedict Joseph Labre, gives a stunning testimony of the miraculous founding of his order, and the messages from private revelations that he has received about a worldwide warning that precedes the Final Battle.

WQPH disclaimer:

Father Rodrigue’s claims must be discerned by the listener, but you will see that he gives many forms of evidence, especially the speed with which his order was founded without any changes made to its constitution.

Therefore WQPH is helping to promote his message so that more people may become aware of him and his order, and decide for themselves the credibility of his testimony.

His speaking can be a bit difficult for the listener to understand, so we have made with some effort, the following transcript of this talk which is Part 2 of two he gave in October of 2018. (Please find the first part here)


So we will begin with the experience I had with Padre Pio. 

So two years ago, Padre Pio came during the night, and he took me with him. He took me into heaven. And then when we arrived in heaven, first of all, as I said, I saw Elijah, I saw Saint John the Baptist, and I saw Padre Pio. 

So when Padre Pio brought me into heaven, at the moment, he was not talking with his mouth, he was just looking at me, and I can hear him. But after a while I and he talked with our mouth. So he took my hand and I was afraid to go there. 

And I saw this…like a fence appearing, a golden fence. So I was afraid to go there, because in my theology, when you go to heaven you die. So he laughed a little bit and he said, “ take my hand I will be with you, don’t be afraid”. But at the same time, I said to him, “you know if I go there I will die.” And he answered back to me, “did you ever die? You already died four times. Why are you afraid?” 

And it’s true, I was reanimated 4 times. And I was not afraid at that moment. So I understand, I don’t have to be afraid to be with him. So we go together, and when we entered there, it was a special experience, because when I entered there, I can see the roads in front of me designing. And when I was looking everywhere, I was so surprised; the color, the nature–the nature was there.

And I could see the flowers. The flowers were so nice. Different flowers. But we have two kinds of flowers that dominate there in heaven. The first kind was the roses. They were everywhere. And the roses are the flower of the Virgin Mary. And the roses were alive. I can see the roses were alive, and Padre Pio explained to me that these roses represent each person on earth. So already you are in the garden of the Lord. And when we die, we go, this rose is no longer there to represent you. You will be there if you are faithful to the Lord. 

So we continue, and what struck me a little bit, I saw a little animal there. I saw a dog fussing. I said, “how come the dog is here?” But he explained to me that when Jesus died, He died not only for our salvation, but He renewed everything. Everything will be renewed by the redemption of Jesus, and that day we will have a new heaven, a new earth, and it will be all renewed with the gift of the Redemption of Christ. So this is what his purpose is. 

[brief exchange with the audience] 

So when are looking together and I saw this road coming, and the thing we [went] different [ways], and I see a…Holy of the Holies. It means that this place is reserved for the Holy Trinity. 

When we entered there, in front of me appeared a baby manger. And in the manger appeared the Holy Family. Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. You know the Virgin Mary is so beautiful, that the skin of the Virgin Mary is so pure, we have nothing to compare to that on earth, I’m sure. And she’s real. It means, this is her body who was there also. Because of the assumption of the Virgin Mary.

And we have Saint Joseph, who is really, really beautiful and a strong man. Saint Joseph is really a strong man. He was around, I will say, appearing to me around 40, no more than that. And he was really strong. And the capacity he had, it’s from him. Everything coming from him was so strong that I understand now, when we are praying and saying that he is the terror of the devil. 

And he comes me and he said, and he said different things to me, but he talked about the purity. You know the purity of Saint Joseph, I think it’s really needed now. Partially for the families. And I talk to the men about it. 

You know the fathers on earth have the responsibility of purity in their families. You must be the guardian of purity of the family. It means that everything can attack the purity of the innocence of your little children. This is not from God. And you are responsible for that. Especially today. You know that in our area, they are teaching how to make love to the young children, starting in the kindergarten now, in our schools, and they are completely disturbed by that. So the parents have the authority to go to the school and say I don’t want my children when you are doing this and you are saying this to listen to that. This is important you know, if you will do that, everything going on, the purity of the family will be there. 

And also the fatherhood of Saint Joseph was to care for the Virgin Mary and the Baby Jesus. And this fatherhood was so strong. You know why? Because Saint Joseph represents the fatherhood of the Eternal Father on earth. He was the face of the Eternal Father for the Baby Jesus. And he told me that he died before Jesus–I never said that before I think, he told me a lot of things. He said he died before Jesus was going for his public ministry because he has to be no longer on earth, because Jesus will reveal the Eternal Father. And by humility, and by his humble heart, it was preferable for him not to be on earth, so that nobody will interpret wrongly his fatherhood for Jesus. This is really great, huh? 

And after that, the Virgin Mary spoke also to me and what was shocking me a little bit, shocking in a good sense, is because she asked to take the Baby Jesus in my arms. And when she asked me, you know I feel so ashamed, you know my dignity was not enough. And I said to her “how can I have the baby in my arms,” and she replied immediately, and I understand now that I have no choice. She replied “did you not take the body of my son in every Eucharist that you celebrate?” 

So I understand sometimes you just do what they want you to do. And she gave me the Baby Jesus. When I took him I was so much happy, my heart was beating so strongly, the joy in me was so great that I have been out of the experience. But when I returned to lay down, I was immediately brought back with the Baby Jesus in my heart. 

So why I am saying that, we need now to put now the Holy Family in our family home, the scene of the holy family, it means Jesus, the Baby Jesus, the Mother of God, the Virgin Mary, and also Saint Joseph; who represent the Holy Family, and it means that the Christian family is the model of life, and we will find our model of life in them. 

After that, it was a long experience, but he showed me many things. And after that, Saint Padre Pio bring me to Purgatory. When I entered there, it was a big, large space. And I saw the people with the little table in front of them. They have the hoods. And they were just looking down. So he said, “look.” I saw many of them, and I said “who are they?” And he answered, “look again.” So I look again, they have no more their hoods on, but I cannot see the face, it was as a little cloud in front of them, that I cannot see through of it. And he said to me, they are priests. And I can see some with crosses on their chests, bishops, and I see some popes, since long time. He said “they have no one to pray for them because when they died, people say always, ‘they are in heaven, they were priests.'” It’s terrible, this thing. So they don’t pray for them. And he asked me to celebrate the Friday mass for them, that they can be entering in heaven. 

I have also some other experiences of Purgatory. One of most nearest experiences was here, when I visited New York the last time, I don’t remember, I don’t have the good memory for that because it’s all in English, you know, the names. I went to a place that is like the memorial of people that died when the two towers fell. The two towers are on this side, and we went on the other side of this street there, like a diamond, and they have a memorial there, and it was a lady that bring us there. 

So I was going with the others, and when I was entering there, I have this experience…I saw the souls who were dead, but the souls of this particular region, they came to me begging me for prayers and prayers, and it was so, so intense. And immediately after, the others came, the others from the two towers who died came, all together. I think there was around 3000, something like that. And at moment, it was so big, and I entered deeply into Purgatory. 

I discovered that we have seven levels in Purgatory. When we go down, worst is the pain of purification for them before they go to heaven. At the last part, I can see the soul beaten by the devil. They were beaten by the devil as their purification. You understand what I mean. They were not in hell. This is different. This is at the last level, so at that moment, some soul goes high quickly. I was astonished of that, It’s because of the celebration of the Mass for them. When the Mass is celebrated for the reverence of the soul in purgatory, some need many, some few, and some with some grace, and I will tell you the grace. It’s the Merciful Rosary. You know the Rosary of the Divine Mercy. You know I have different phrases. 

So the Divine Mercy rosary gives a special grace to bring quickly the soul to heaven. When someone is dying, or when someone just passed away, pray the Divine Mercy Rosary. 

In the hell, I never went, and I don’t want to go.

[laughter from audience] 

But I know the devil because of the exorcisms I made in my life. And one day, I was making an exorcism, and I don’t have too much time because I have to teach a course to the seminarians. And I accepted this exorcism. With the exorcism you begin with that, but you never know when you finish. It depends on the will of the Father. Sometimes it can take 2 days, 1 day. Sometimes it can be 3 weeks. Sometimes it can be 2 years. This is a ministry. When you begin this ministry, we never know when it ends. But there, I went to pray to Jesus at the tabernacle and I said to Jesus, “you must do something, I don’t have more time, and I cannot come back again,” because it is far. So I asked the Saint Michael, and when I entered the room, I started the exorcism prayer again, and Saint Michael appeared. 

I saw Saint Michael three times in my life, and he appeared. Saint Michael was so tall, like 15 feet. So I saw him there, and I saw him with his sword, a flaming sword, it was so high. And I asked him, I see him, I said, “please Saint Michael, you’re my patron, help me for this case!” And he just made a smile. And he just did it with his sword. And I can see the flame of the sword coming down and touching, it was a man, and immediately, when the flame of Saint Michael touched this person, the wind of the devil goes out [makes swoosh sound].

My experience is that the devil goes always in the earth. And my assumption…now this is not from the teaching of the Church…this is from [Fr.] Michel, okay? I will say that I think that hell is in the center of the earth. Because every time I see him enter the earth, and at Fatima, the Virgin Mary opened the earth. 

This is important that we realize that, so we will face the battle like I said before. The time is urgent, it is almost emergency time now. When he gave me the fraternity, I have to build it quickly. Because I know that I will be with you just as many priests who will come in our place. 

First of all, it will be a lot of trouble. This trouble will begin soon. They are already preparing the things now. In the United States, you will see revolution in your streets. You will see people fighting against each other for political reasons, and you will see a lot of things, but it is all managed by the devil. And you will have also dangers between every nation. It will be a time of advertising rumors of war, but it will not be at that moment that the war will be. And when it will happen, the money will crash also, and then you will have the extinction of the population. And at that moment the warning will come. I call that the Pentecost. I saw this, I saw the Cross of Jesus in heaven; the King of Christ in heaven. And from the wounds of Jesus, the rays fall on the earth. It’s a gift of the Holy Spirit again. And this Holy Spirit will enlighten everyone on earth.

When John XXIII prayed for the Vatican, he asked the Holy Spirit to come and renew humanity. He was not only praying for the Church, because the Church had already received the Pentecost since the beginning, he asked for a Pentecost for humanity. And this is what will happen. Jesus will give an answer to this prayer of John the XXIII. It will be an enlightenment for every heart, everyone will see themselves. They will see themselves as a mirror. In front of themselves, they will see themselves. They will see their state of soul. They will see not only their state of soul, not only see their state of soul, they will feel also their state of soul. And for the ones who are dying, it’s like a pre-judgement. For the ones who die, they will know where they are going. If they are going to hell ,they will burn for their sins. They will see themselves. They will feel burning. They will feel, also, the beating of the devil. So somebody [some persons] will not pass through, I assure you. 

And the ones who are going to Purgatory, they will see, and they will feel, also, the pain in Purgatory. The pain in Purgatory is different than the pain in hell. The pain in Purgatory is a purification pain. It’s completely different. They will see their purification. They will see their hope for heaven. They will taste it in their sense from every part of their body. And also the ones who are really in need of Jesus, they will be joyful but at the same time, they will feel their imperfections that they have to work in again to be more united to Him.

And on this day, at that moment, everything will stop on earth. If you are in an airplane, it will stop. I assure you. And if you ask me, how come it will be? [laughs] God is God. He is the creator of heaven and earth. Do you believe your small airplane will burden Him? 

So everything will be fixed, and you will have a spiritual experience come from the illumination of your conscience to see how you are; in which state you are. 

So immediately after will be really important. Because the people who are far away from the Church want to come back. The priests, it’s preferable to have the state of grace before this warning. I assure you, you will not go before the people, you will not have time. The people will be lining up for confession, so the priests will need help and [unintelligible] also, because they will be really afraid, they will be in shock. And you will have a lot of people who are not baptized who will ask for baptism. So you will be there to help the priest and to teach them the essentials of the Catholic faith, who will baptize these people. We will not baptize them one by one. For that, we will not have time, but we will baptize as the apostles did, by spraying the water on the people at the same time, by saying, I baptize you in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. 

So this people, you people, your children. This is the time, you know when we are praying now for the conversion. We must pray for this time. This is one of the most important times that they will have to choose Jesus. And this is really important what I say. Sometimes we are praying for them and we bug them. We are exhausting them because we are saying “go! go! go to the church! go!” When you are doing that ,they become stubborn. You have to be wise with the gift of wisdom. Be witness to your love of Christ in front of them, and answer when they question you. Not [makes barking sound], this is pit-bull, this is not God. 

So you must be inside this movement, and pray for this enlightenment that they will have at that moment. Because after this, a period around six weeks will be, when the devil will have no power over the will of the person. It means the person will have full freedom to decide of her own conscience, if she will choose Jesus, because everyone is seeing the Lord. No one can be after this enlightenment of conscience, warning, Pentecost, call it what you want; no one will be able to say God doesn’t exist afterward. 

And everyone will see the sign of God in their life. And they will have six weeks to make their decision. After this decision, after the six weeks, the devil will come back, with a kind of hypnotic signature that he will use to control the people. There will be the beginning of the big trouble times because the world government will send and grab the people everywhere with some kind of military police force that they have already prepared for that. They have already some commando for this who are prepared to do this work. I don’t enter it too much but you have to know that. 

And you will follow the path of Psalm 91, because Jesus gave me all the teaching of every sentence of this psalm. I want to go fast because I don’t want to take too much time. 

You who live in the shadow of the most high, who will die in the shadow of the Almighty, who will say to the Lord my refuge and my fortress. The Lord has prepared different refuges in the world now, to welcome the people, welcome His people, as the day of Noah. Noah prepared an Ark for his family as he was the just in the middle of all these people who were just laughing at him. 

He has prepared a refuge that is like an ark to welcome you. You will go there by the will of the Father. Your holy angel, your guardian angel will guide you there. They will make a flame in front of you. 

You know when they discovered, Saint Nicolazic, when he discovered the body of Sainte Anne, in Sainte Anne d’Auray, in Brittany, near France, it was because of his angel, who lit a little flame in front of him, and guided him, and he arrived, and the little flame went there. So he dug there and he found a cross. He told one neighbor to come. They dug together until the time they arrived, it was a church. And they found the doors of the church. They opened the door. The church was still good. And when they went inside of the church there was a little lamp with a flame. And there were the bones of Sainte Anne, Grandma Anne. And the Relics of Sainte Anne de Beaupre, in Quebec, a part of this bone comes from the Sainte Anne de Beaupre in Brittany, it’s in Quebec [now]. And the priest that I just discovered was a Redemptorist priest, who takes care of this Sanctuary, he gave me the parcel of the bone from the Sanctuary of the Relics of Sainte Anne. 

This is how they will do. They will light this little flame in front of you, and you will be guided to go to the refuge where you are by the will of the Father. You are destined to go. This is what will be. And there where be the angel, and nobody can enter the refuge without the mark of the sign of the cross on their forehead. 

Many of you have already the sign of the cross, and desire it because I cannot do it today. We are too numerous. Make the desire of the sign of the cross, and say yes to Jesus and you will be marked during the Holy Mass. 

Many of you, and the angel will be there to protect the refuge, and then when you will protect the refuge, nobody can enter the refuge without the mark of the cross. In the refuge, you will be protected. You will have everything you need, the necessities. Don’t think you will have your lipstick. You don’t need it or the perfume from France. You are not there to cruise. You are there to please the will of the Father. And then will be provided for you the food, the water, the necessities that you need. But you will not stay on your staff, you will have to work also, and you will work for each other, and then you will realize what it means when you read together the Acts of the Apostles, where it says they were all of one heart and one prayer and sharing it together (Acts 4:32). 

This is what it means during the three year and one half, Father William [prior speaker] talked about this. And after that, it will be the last part of this. And this is what Padre Pio saw, and I saw it also. We call that the 3 days of darkness. Inside of the 3 days of darkness, I assure you, it’s so black, it’s more black than that, it’s not only black, it’s a kind of a wall that will come, and it will pass on this earth, and inside of this, it’s full of demons who will try to pull you out of the refuge. You will see that, but they will not enter the refuge. You will be protected under the shelter of the Lord. And they will swallow, literally, swallow everyone who has not chosen the Lord. And they will swallow not everyone, but everything, that was marked by the beast, or was marked by the sin of the world, the sin of the people.

So after this, when you go out of this experience, I saw the earth completely renewed, the color, the brightness, the beauty, the flower, and there was some houses, that were no longer there because they were swallowed, I assure the concrete of the house, the foundation was swallowed also. It’s completely renewed.

So all this time, you will be protected by the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit with the love of the Virgin Mary. So we are all called to be ready, to be ready to help our brothers and sisters, when this six weeks of time will be there. To help them, to guide them to the Church, where they will find there a peaceful heart, their happiness with the Lord. 

And we are all called also to be disciples of Christ. And when Father William said you must talk, you must stand, you must advise, yes. When we received, when I have from the Lord to make this vestment. When the bishop gave me the vestment as the first abbot of our monastery, and after that I gave the vestment to the others. When he gave me the vestment, and he put it on me, I heard the voice of the Virgin Mary saying, “I call the apostle of the last times.” This a sentence in the message of La Salette, in France. 

So we are just there to be faithful servants for the Lord and to prepare ourselves and also to be open. 

Consecrate your home. You know how you consecrate your home. I will exorcise the salt, and I will exorcise the water, after that you will have to put the salt in the water yourself because I will not be able to put that in every bottle. So you can do it yourself, if you have both of them. But if we have just one, the water will be exercised and the salt will be exorcised. This is what you do: you make the prayer to the Eternal Father. 

I give you the frame of the prayer…

“Eternal Father, I consecrate my home to you, by the impression of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I give you my home as a refuge for the days to come. It will be Your will for your people, if You want the people to come here. I consecrate this home.” 

And with the holy water you sprinkle, “in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit,” and the sign of the cross. 

And you go outside and you consecrate your land in the same way. You just say it, you change the word house or home, for land. 

Somebody asked me, why are we doing our home as a refuge and some refuge are already prepared? What kind of refuge is it? You know I will tell you, if everyone was asked by the Father had already made the refuge, it will be gorgeous, because many refuse to do it. This is the problem. 

Now when you are doing this, it will be first for your family. And if the Father wants to guide you after to a bigger refuge, they will guide you with the flame. The angel will guide you with the flame. But you can be sure before this moment, you will have the protection of your house, which will be a refuge for you and your family, it will depend on the Father if your refuge will be a permanent one or a temporary one, before you go to the bigger one. It will belong to Him to decide.