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First Saturday Interview with John-Henry Westen, Part 2

Aired 5/1

“Love is a Noun”

We talk about love being something you do not something you feel. The interview is with Kevin O’Neil. The videos mentioned are:

PAS discussion with Stephanie Gray Connors, Part 2

Aired 4/25

Meg and Brenda from Servants from the Upper Room, Part 2

The Miracle of 1849 and Holy Face Blessings

Thank you for listening to WQPH 89.3 FM Shirley-Fitchburg, Queen of Perpetual Help and welcome to another edition of WQPHs Local Matters. On this week’s broadcast, we have a special interview from our very own Mary Anne Harold. She is interviewing Vicki Schreiner who is from Oklahoma City, and she has some fascinating stories about […]

Guide to the Deliverance Prayers for the Laity with Father Ripperger

Steve: Welcome everybody back. Steve with Sensus Fidelium coming at you once again with Father Ripperger, who you pretty much already know, so we won’t go through the particulars of “Hey Father. Who are you. What do you do.” So anyway, how are you though? Father: I’m doing well. We’re doing very well. Thank you, […]

Interview with Suzie Andres, Part 2

What qualifies us to be called “Catholic?” How many of us “Catholics” could answer even the basic questions about “our” faith? Suzie Andres joins us again to help explore more deeply the Catholic identity. That is, who we are and how we understand ourselves. What we do is, of course, very important (“You shall know […]

NFP with Barbara Meier, Part 2

Assisted Suicide discussion with Dr Mark Rollo

Humanae Vitae – Part 5; Kathy Rivet, Part 3

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