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Fr Maurice: The Believer and Lazarus of Bethany

The Gospel of this Sunday presents us with the resuscitation of Lazarus, which is very different from the resurrection of Jesus. The former, Lazarus, dies again, as is evident from the text itself: “Meanwhile a large number of Jews heard that he (Jesus) was there and came not only on account of Jesus but also […]

Fr Maurice: Christianity as a Way of Seeing the World

What meaning can we make of the present situation of anxiety, fright and almost near sense of hopelessness about the present and the future? In precis, the lingering question is that of evil: What meaning can we make about the suffering of the innocent? What sense can we make of the evil of the coronavirus?

Akita and the Amazon Synod

Since we published the story about the new message Sister Agnes received from her angel there has been no shortage of questions raised. The first round related to our credibility as a news source, which is fair, and we have offered a reply. More inquiries have been made recently for an update from Sister Agnes […]

Coronavirus, Abortion, Lent and more

The Fall – Part 2: Genesis Chapter 2 – Primordial Covenant

Fr. Richard Sipola Sermon

The Fall – Part 3: Genesis Chapter 2 to 3 – What is a Covenant?

"To the Test"

Part II of our interview with Kendra Von Esh. We talk about the difference between putting God to the test and having faith.


Local Matters – March 14th, 2020

WSFI’s Reclamation Theology with Kyle Clement: 1st Friday – What Keeps Us From Being What We Want to Be

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