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“Paul Interview”

Peter interviews Catholic author Paul Migliozzi about the sequel to his book We’re No Angels, coming out in July.

LGBTQ Clergy

Necessity of Baptism, Part II

A continuation of a talk by Brother Peter of the Saint Benedict Center (online at Listen to Part 1:

My hope is that this lawsuit encourages productive dialogue between employees of faith and their employers. No employee should be expected to abandon their faith when entering the workplace and unfortunately, I felt backed into a corner where my faith was incompatible with the requirements of my job. My prayer is that people of faith will flourish in the workplace and not feel as if they need to hide that part of themselves in order to be successful in their jobs.

Captain Jeffrey Little

The music of country singer Mason Ramsey

The Turin Crucifix, An interview with Mark Fisher

Also, Corpus Christi, Reflections on the Holy Eucharist…

1st Saturday Interview with Catholic Lawyer Nancy Sacco, Part 4


Divine, Providence, Free Will, and Gods Grace – Part 3

The Necessity of Baptism

A talk by Brother Peter of the Saint Benedict Center (online at

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