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WQPH Monthly Support appeal message

July 1, 2024

WQPH Radio is a faithful and orthodox voice that reaches Catholics locally over the Shirley-Fitchburg airwaves and worldwide through the internet. In order to continue this God-given mission, we are seeking support.

It is more important than ever before to support the few Christian expressions that have not been swayed by the Spirit of the Age. WQPH has remained steadfast in the Truth and now we appeal to you: stand with us. Consider becoming supporter of the station by making a monthly contribution via the PayPal donation option on our website.

Our supporters will

  1. be listed on Our Supporters page (optional)
  2. receive a small gift by mail
  3. be enrolled in our monthly Mass intention to be celebrated each month by the priests of the Holy Mass Association of Africa

But most importantly, you will help us continue this service that has steadfastly been about communicating the Faith clearly and winning souls for God.

For more information, contact us at with the subject ‘supporter’.