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Claire Keating of the Shalom Community, Part 2

Quotes from Preparation for Death by Alphonsus Liguori

CONSIDERATION I: Portrait of a Man who has recently gone into the Other World SECOND POINT: The Body in the Grave The true love for the body consists in treating it here with rigor and contempt, that it may be happy for eternity; and in refusing it all pleasures, which might make it miserable forever. […]

Genesis is not a myth.

The Slaves of the Immaculate Heart discuss the creation of the universe.

Schism, Trinity, Fortitude for Priests

The Character Club

Tony interviews teacher and author Allie Slocum about building character in kids through her experience and her children’s series, The Character Club, and we review Resistance, by Jennifer Nielsen.

You Shall Stand Firm: The Spiritual Battle

Doomed to Die

While people turn to God during crisis, we all face death at all times and must be prepared.

Chuck Kelley of The Deacon’s Table

Local Interviews

Claire Keating of the Shalom Community

Deacon Chuck talks with Claire Keating. a social worker in the greater Boston area who is discerning her vocation to the Shalom Catholic Community. Find out more about the Shalom Community:

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