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Interview with Pam Acker, Part 1

August 28, 2021

Aired 8/28


Thank you for listening to WQPH 89.3 FM. Shirley Fitchburg, Queen of Perpetual Help and welcome to another edition of WQPH’s Local Matters. On this week’s broadcast WQPH’s Mary Anne Harold teams up with sister station WSFI’s Angela Tomlinson, and they talk to scientist and author Pam Acker about the vaccine.

MAH: So we want to say hello to everybody who’s listening today on WSFI 88.5 Chicago and WQPH radio here in Massachusetts, and we want to welcome someone I admire greatly, Pam Acker. So Pam, you hold a master of Science degree in biology, correct?

PA: Yes ma’am.

MAH: From the Catholic University of America. And you have taught natural science in a variety of settings from middle school to college since 2008. That’s not giving any age away. Pamela also has conducted research to vaccine delivery using the T4 bacteriophage nanoparticles. What is that?

PA: It’s interesting. That’s relevant to our discussion about coronaviruses today because people have heard now of viral vector vaccines because the Johnson & Johnson is a viral vector that uses the adenovirus. And so we were working on developing viral vaccines back in 2010 at CUA. But we were using a different virus,. The adenovirus can infect humans but the T4 bacteriophage cannot. It infects E. Coli. And so the my primary investigator at the time thought it would be a great idea to try to modify this virus to basically package it to contain viral antigens from other diseases so that you could safely inoculate human beings using those proteins from those other viruses but using them in a format that would actually replicate in the body but not cause any damage directly to the person. And they’re actually still working on developing that I think in that lab specifically for an HIV vaccine, and that has not yet reached the market. And so you know, if you do the math, that’s 11 years ago and that will tell you something about vaccine timelines. It’s kind of important also to our discussion about coronavirus vaccines.

MAH: So you did this during your graduate studies, and you’ve recently written a book, which I have, entitled Vaccination, A Catholic Perspective which is available through the Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation. How I love that. The study of creation. How is that going to Pam? How is creation going in your opinion? It says for the study?

PA: Well, it stopped a while ago.

MAH: We have to laugh. We have to the spirit of the Joy of the Holy Spirit. Right? Because you have such an intense life. I admire you so much. So we’ve gone through hell. Let’s be honest. Next is purgatory correct. Right?

PA: Right. And then and then maybe we’ll make it to heaven.

MAH: Yes. So you you have a little seat up there in heaven for your outstanding courage. We want to encourage everybody that needs to speak the truth to speak the truth. Right?

PA: Right.

MAH: What’s really on your heart Pam? How long have you been out in this battlefield?

PA: It’s interesting because you mentioned the book, and I started writing that a little over two years ago, so before Covid was even a phenomenon in China. And at the time I thought nobody would ever read it. I had no idea then that I would be adding a chapter on a novel virus that you know, nobody had had seen before and in a novel vaccine that had never been deployed before but then it went very, very rapidly in less than 10 months from conception to being administered to tremendous amounts of the human population. So I’ve been working on this fight I guess since before it kind of was a global fight. And before people were aware that there are serious safety issues with vaccines. And there are serious concerns about the way the vaccines were administered in the political situation regarding how liability is tracked if if somebody is injured by a vaccine. And these are things that are a lot more apparent to the public now I think. But I started speaking particularly about the coronavirus and actually initially about the connection between abortions and vaccines back in January. And it’s it’s been a very interesting 2021 for me. I mean, I’ve I thought might spend my whole life being a lowly biology teacher. I didn’t even want to be a department chair. And I certainly didn’t want to be an internationally recognized figure whose book has now been translated into several different languages and whose had people on the other side of the world write angry articles about what I said.

MAH: Yeah, we’ve read some of those in our local area.

PA: Yeah I know. I read some of them too.

MAH: Now you’re working on a second book. Is that true? Why?

PA: Yes, that’s true. So I actually finished editing recently a high school biology textbook. And the reason that I did work on that project is because there are no biology books written from an authentically Catholic perspective available right now. And part of the problem that modern science has is that it starts with the molecular and then builds up to what we know and understand and see in everyday life. And so it treats life particularly from the perspective of efficient causes only. So if you are familiar with Aristotelian causality, there’s formal final material and efficient causes. So it excludes a lot of what we would understand in terms of purposiveness, in terms of looking at things as wholes and instead of looking at them as the sum of their parts, and vaccines really kind of ties into that. I mean the way that this has become the dominant medical paradigm is because we’re looking at one specific part of your immune system, specifically your antibody response, and are we able to elicit an antibody response for a particular pathogen, and can we do that by bypassing the rest of your body that’s involved in a normal immune response. And so that has the benefit of, in most cases, of not making you as sick, although we’ll see, why that’s maybe not true with some of these coronavirus vaccines, but it has the detriment of activating your immune system in ways that we’re still really not entirely aware of. When I was working in the lab, my PI was super frustrated all the time because he felt like the science of manufacturing vaccines was sort of a lot like throwing things at the wall and seeing what stuck because we don’t really have a lot of basic knowledge of exactly what’s going on in the immune system and exactly how we could manipulate the immune system to achieve the desires that we want. We just kind of inject things into laboratory animals or test them on cell lines or eventually test them on people not knowing entirely the effects that they’re going to have on the whole. And so, I thought it was really important to to help kids understand because I work with kids most of time as a high school teacher, which I’ve been doing since I left with my Masters, and it’s important for them to understand the limitations of science and how properly to go about science and how to not just focus on the whole, but also to start with what we know and then sort of work backwards from there, rather than starting on something that their completely unfamiliar with, like biomolecules and trying to build up from that because you end up with a study that’s just memorization, and the kids don’t like it, the teachers don’t like it, and it doesn’t really build knowledge because they don’t understand what it is they’re learning. So that was technically my second book and I’m actually trying to work on the third.

MAH: What?! What an amazing woman!

PA: This one’s on the design of the immune system in particular, so like what do we actually know about the human body, about the immune system, about the marvelous way that it works and why that can’t be a product of random chance. Right? So the immune system is divinely designed. It does a really good job doing its job. And when we get in there and monkey around with it, particularly through vaccination, we tend to cause more problems than we solve. So this one kind of builds on the first book a little bit more.

MAH: That’s a really good title.

PA: This one is still in the research stages, and it’s it’s quite a tall order.

MAH: So a lot of people, being Catholic and going to Communion, some of us still wear masks. Some of us choose not to wear masks who have not been vaccinated, correct, The ones who have been vaccinated, there’s like the horror that developed between, in families and churches, the vaccinated and the non vaccinated. And do you find that rift to be insurmountable in that we create another division in the family and the church. We wonder if the unvaccinated will ever be denied Communion on the tongue based on this crazy theory, What can people do that are listening that either are not vaccinated or are vaccinated to realize we’re all the same family, the same church. We accept if someone made a choice to get the vaccine right, we pray for them that they have no bad effects to it. But we know there are bad effects. We’ve seen it. We have a 44 year old man here who the mother wanted him to take the vaccine. He owned a pet store, and now he’s in kidney failure after he got the shot. So we pray for that mother, the boy, the 44 year old, we can go on because we have a prayer line, and we hear the stories of the boo-boos; the ones that have a problem. So what’s your thought on that?

PA: I’ve certainly seen how this whole issue has divided families. It’s really, really tragic, in my opinion, I, I went to a conference in Cleveland, Ohio back in March. And I just kind of sat at a table with the book, and I talked to anybody who came by, and I, I lost count of how many people came by and said, “I don’t want to get the vaccine. But my spouse got the vaccine, and it’s causing problems in my marriage. I don’t want to get the vaccine, but my whole family got the vaccine. And I can’t see my parents anymore, and I can’t see my nieces anymore. I can’t see my siblings anymore. I got the vaccine, and I regret it, and I don’t know what to do.” There’s so much suffering on both sides. There’s been so much suffering. There’s not anybody on either side of this issue who hasn’t suffered a tremendous, tremendous amount in the last year and a half. And I think probably what would be most helpful to understand is that whatever choice somebody else has made or is making or is struggling to make. this is not an easy decision. It’s not an easy decision to refuse vaccination because there’s all kinds of things that go along with that. People are worried about losing their jobs. They’re worried about losing their family members. In some cases, they’re worried about losing their life. Although I don’t think that that’s as realistic a concern for most people as some of these other concerns. I think the job loss is probably one of the more realistic concerns, unfortunately, because we’re starting to see employers saying if you don’t get the vaccine, you’re going to get sacked by this date. Then that’s really scary because it’s not appropriate for somebody to step in and tell you how to manage your health because this is a way that we’ve really gone off track, I think, with modern medicine because you know what’s going on in your body better than anybody else. There’s some serious contraindications for this Covid vaccine. So if you’ve already had the virus, it’s a really bad idea to get the vaccine. You’re much more likely to have a negative reaction on the first dose, but also the second dose if you choose to go that far with one of the MRNA vaccines. And then there’s some concerns about heart swelling and swelling of the lining of the heart. There’s concerns about blood clotting. There’s concerns about crossing the blood brain barrier. And this is something that if an employer is going to be requiring you to get, they should be liable if you have any damage. But I don’t see that happening. So this is a tremendously scary time kind of kind of for everybody. And it’s sort of frustrating because I feel like the people who do choose to get vaccinated, in many cases, they kind of feel like, oh, well, you know, the trouble is over, but it’s really not because, when this next flu season comes around, there’s a really good chance that they’re actually going to be more susceptible to other respiratory viruses but also more susceptible to new variants of the coronavirus itself. As you said, it’s just kind of one giant mess.

A: That’s definitely a question, is when the fall comes, in the flu season, what’s that going to look like.

MAH: What about the vaccination of children now? What’s your thought on that?

PA: I I think that’s inhuman, and I think it’s, if you look at the fact sheet, and I pulled this information, the most recent ones were updated at the end of June so it’s only a couple weeks ago from the the FDA website itself. And if you look at the FDA fact sheet, it will tell you that these these vaccines are, the clinical trials are still ongoing and to inject something into a child that we have limited safety data about and now this child is going to be affected by that for the rest of their life because this causes a permanent change to your immune system. And unfortunately, it doesn’t necessarily, vaccines don’t usually confer permanent immunity because we see a lot of breakthrough infection with things like the mumps vaccine or the chicken pox vaccine but we don’t know what kind of breakthrough infection levels we’re going to have with any of these Covid vaccines. We don’t know the long term effects on reproductive health. You know, that’s been a concern that people have brought up a lot. And so if you’re injecting a little girl with this, and you don’t know if that’s going to harm her ability to have children, that’s a huge issue. And we’re also seeing that the problems with the heart swelling, the pericarditis and myocarditis, that’s mostly occurring in people under the age of 30. So now you could be causing these kids to have heart damage. And you know, you don’t know what that’s going to be like. So, you take an athlete and you say, okay, well to participate in school sports, you have to be vaccinated. Well, the vaccine may cost him his ability to actually even play that sport, which is, not a huge thing in the terms of all possible outcome but it’s going to matter a lot to the kid at the time, and it’s going to matter a lot long term if this kid has heart swelling that damages the heart, and then he’s not able to be physically active. And I mean, we know that the less physically active you are, the more likely you are to have problems the older that you get. So there’s all of these long term ramifications for this vaccine. It’s not prudent to push it on children.

MAH: And I want to talk about emotional stress to elders and senior citizens because I see that in our parish. I see children saying, we’ll leave your groceries outside your door, but don’t go out and then call their parents during the day to find out if they’re still home and locked in. Some people still have not come out, and then the person becomes so distraught. I have a few people in mind that just have melted down totally and they’re like, they just want to belong to their family. So they cave. Is there any therapy for the emotional distress that has happened to many people who cannot fight back against this emotional pressure? It’s horrendous. I have a relative that he could not see his children, like you said, unless he got the vaccine. He has a bad heart, and he took the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. He said, you just had to take whatever you came. So we were horrified. “Can’t come to a christening unless you get vaccined.” So this is another form of torture.

PA: It is. And I think that, people are not aware or as aware or at least we don’t talk as much about that kind of fallout from this whole situation. And just a tremendous amount of stress that people are under. I’m not a licensed therapist. I’m not connected to any therapist. So I’m not sure how to answer your question in terms of what’s the best way of dealing with this as Catholics. Of course we know who the divine physician is and who can heal all things and and so we have to start there. We have to start with our Lord. But he also works through material means and doesn’t always miraculously intervene in these sorts of things. Often it’s through through natural means that you will affect some of that healing. But you have to start there, and you have to pray for that and I think that my confessors talk to me a lot about the idea of forgiveness and how when someone hurts you. And it’s it’s quite true that if someone coerces you into getting the vaccine, they wounded you quite a bit, they wounded you emotionally and they’ve now wounded you physically, especially with something that causes some kind of reaction. For there to be a reconciliation, the person who’s been injured has to kind of start that. We always sort of say, well, really you should be apologizing because you’re the one who made me do this. But really if the person who’s injured can forgive by the Grace of God, because forgiveness is a supernatural phenomenon. It’s not a natural phenomenon. It is not natural to forgive people who hurt us but God wouldn’t require it of us if he wasn’t going to give us the grace to do it. So to pray for that grace to just be able to forgive those people and to be able to be loving and charitable to them, I think will go a long way towards healing someone that emotional upset, but it’s definitely something that we need to take into account, just that’s part of the suffering that everybody’s undergoing, and nobody, nobody is the same as they were a year and a half ago, not adults and especially not children. Especially not children who have been, have been pushed into this, who have no way to deal with something that’s upsetting, who have not maybe lived in fear at any point in their life prior to this, and now they are living in fear at this crucial developmental stage. We just don’t know what the ultimate fallout of all that’s going to be.

MAH: So you see it as a teacher, correct?

PA: I see it less as a teacher now, I think, that I would have several years ago, because I’m teaching part time in a homeschool co-op. And most of the families in our parish, we gave up on masking back in April of 2020. So these kids have seen, most of these kids have never masked, ,they’ve seen very little in the way of that being very upsetting. Their parents have been pretty solid from outside of, this isn’t something that we need to fear and we can go on and live a normal life, and we can see our friends and our family members and things like that and I think that’s kept it sane. I think that the people that I know have kind of experienced a lot less of this. I mean, you’re living in the world and you’re kind of surrounded by the all of the stressful things that go along with the Covid lockdowns and everything but I don’t see it as much in terms of what I might see in a regular school. But I definitely do see effects on these kids of this whole situation is so far beyond our control. And they know that it’s wrong. But they can’t make it stop. And so that does that does affect them.

MAH: Yes. I think this was a very healthy conversation we’re having. A little off-course. Did you have a question, Annette, that you wanted to ask?

A: What would you say to people who have gotten the vaccine and now they regret doing it? I have some friends that were pushed into it because they felt like they needed to get it because all their friends were getting it, and now they’re sorry that they’ve gotten it. What would you say to them as far as health wise? Obviously, it’s not reversible.

PA: So yeah, there’s kind of two ways to regret it. I think there’s the I regret the possible health risks I exposed myself to. And then I think for especially for Catholics and for Protestants, there’s the I regret that I used something that was developed in aborted fetal cells because all the vaccines that are currently licensed in the U. S. were developed using aborted fetal cells. Now the Pfizer Moderna were not produced in aborted fetal cells, but there were three places the Pfizer vaccine where they were used in four with the Moderna vaccine as an integral part of developing these vaccines and making them available to be used in human beings. So, all three of these vaccines contribute to the continuation of aborted fetal tissue research. And this is a huge issue. It’s a huge moral issue. And I think sometimes people don’t realize what it does to their character when they choose to cooperate with evil in this way. It’s a phenomenon called appropriation of evil that Dr. Alvin Wong wrote about in his article Ethics of HEK 293 where you might not be committing sin by cooperating with evil that is remote and passive, and I don’t I don’t have the qualifications to argue whether that argument is valid or not but I can certainly speak to the fact that I don’t think there’s a proportionate grave cause, which is what the bishops have said, there has to be in order to participate with this kind of research. Even if there was a proportionate grave cause it’s still going to affect the character of the person who chooses to use this stuff. Even if they try to intellectually distance themselves from its use. So, when you compromise with evil, it does affect you, even if you compromise under coercion, and and this is something kind of important for people to understand. And so if you’re regretting it from that perspective, I would say the best thing to do is confession because there’s a lot of grace in that sacrament and and even confessing things that we didn’t know at the time were wrong, but we found out were wrong later, or we realized were wrong later, or we felt like we should have known were wrong can really help us obtain the grace to forgive ourselves, which I think is hugely important but also the grace to kind of repair that damage that we’ve done to our character by participating in some way in the fruits of something that’s evil because it does affect us. You tend to think in our modern days, like if we can just distance our mind from what we’re doing, then somehow that keeps us safe, but we are a mind-body unity. We’re not a mind kind of riding around in the vehicle of a body. So this is something that definitely I would say if you’re regretting it in that way, take it to confession and bury it there. If you’re regretting it in terms of the health outcomes, you can’t reverse this programming of your immune system. You now have memory cells that are going to produce a specific kind of antibodies which may help you combat a future coronavirus infection or they may actually make it worse through a phenomenon called the antibody dependent enhancement, which is where they actually help the virus gets into your cells and cause the infection to progress more rapidly and can cause you to get sicker than if you hadn’t had the vaccine. So for that kind of concern, certainly the thing that is most correlated with low Vitamin D levels. So people who have been vaccinated really need to make sure that their Vitamin D. levels are sufficient to be protective. And there’s a great gentleman–I don’t agree actually with a lot of what he says about the vaccine because he’s very pro vaccine, and he likes to kind of sugarcoat anything that’s gone wrong with its administration, but he talks a lot about Vitamin D. supplementation and exactly what dosages you need and what blood levels you need. And you can actually go and get this tested at your doctor if you want to make sure you’re spot on. And his name is Dr. John Campbell and he’s putting out videos, I think daily, on his channel on YouTube,. He’s based in the UK and if you just type in John Campell vitamin D., although I don’t like supporting YouTube, but if there’s good information that can be gleaned, definitely that’s where I would go to look in terms of, what actually to do because he is a physician and I’m not so, I can’t really give medical advice. I’m not qualified to do that. But I would I would look him up. I would also look up Dr Suzanne Humphries. She talks about vitamin C supplementation and how necessary that is during times of illness, and she talks about, again, specific dosages and specific forms of vitamin C that are more bio available. But,besides generally supporting the immune system I’m not aware of other things that would be necessarily super helpful for the vaccinated. And then, of course, we know that the vaccine causes problems with the cardiovascular system. So I’ve not yet done a lot of research on how to support cardiovascular health, but I’m sure there’s a lot of stuff out there and people can make, it’s not easy, but you can make dietary changes that will be helpful both for immune support and cardiovascular support and you can make lifestyle changes like exercise and sleep, is a good one, supports both your immune system and your cardiovascular system, and I don’t get enough of it. So other than than generally trying to improve your health and well being, there’s no magic bullet to reverse the vaccination which is, again, why I think it’s important not to give it to children at this point. We need a lot more data. Most vaccines don’t hit the market until 10 to 15 years after they’ve begun to be developed, and that’s the average timeline. And that gives you some time to actually accumulate data on what’s really going on with reactions to the vaccine. And most people don’t know this either, that if the drug is released into the market, and it causes five deaths that have no other sort of reasonable cause associated with them, then it gets a black box warning that it may cause death. And if it causes approximately 50 deaths, then it’s usually pulled from the market. Now, if you’ve been watching anything about the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, which is usually referred to as VAERS, you know that we’ve got way more than that in the U.S. alone and data from a couple weeks ago, because it’s only gets uploaded every Friday didn’t get uploaded Friday, July 2nd because of the holiday, I think, here in the U. S. And so I haven’t had a chance to look at the newest data yet because I was in a conference this weekend but the data that I pulled prior that, there have been 22,000, approximately 22,000 deaths reported in the U. S., the U. K. and the European Union that are associated with this vaccine. We’re way past the time when all this stuff should be pulled and no longer administered to the general public. Thousands of times almost passed.

MAH: What is the most common cause of death from the vaccine?

PA: I think most of it has to do with heart or stroke from what I’m remembering correctly, and I could be incorrect about that, but most of the reports that I’m looking at are sudden cardiac arrest or blood clotting issues or hypoxia due to vascular damage, cardiovascular tissue damage, and I like I said , my parish has not been particularly Covid compliant this whole time, so most of us have actually had Covid at one point or another. It kind of went through the community in about three successive wave, and I know nobody who’s been hospitalized or died from Covid. And I know very few people who have been vaccinated because most of the people that I spent time with her are very much on the same page as me about this. But I already know one person who has died from sudden sudden cardiac arrest from the vaccine.

Tune in next week at this time for part two of this series. Thank you for listening to another edition of WQPH’s Local Matters. We hope you enjoyed the broadcast and hope you have a blessed week