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The Miracle of 1849 and Holy Face Blessings

Thank you for listening to WQPH 89.3 FM Shirley-Fitchburg, Queen of Perpetual Help and welcome to another edition of WQPHs Local Matters. On this week’s broadcast, we have a special interview from our very own Mary Anne Harold. She is interviewing Vicki Schreiner who is from Oklahoma City, and she has some fascinating stories about […]

The Importance of the Holy Face Devotion

Praying the Way of the Cross Liam Neeson

Fulton Sheen: The Church and the World

Assisted Suicide discussion with Dr Mark Rollo

Gordon Deery of the Holy Face Association

St. Giana's Place Banquet, interview with Betty Brouder

Catholic Conscience with Vaccines, Part 2

Catholic Conscience — Virus, Part 1

WQPH 9th Anniversary Special

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