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The Latin Mass, Part I

We could easily apply the American motto to the Catholic Church, because while each of its billion plus members has a unique personality each must adhere to faithfulness to and unity in the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. After the Second Vatican Council, the Church experienced at least two major causes for disunity: breakaway […]

Sign of Peace

Aired 7/17

Women in the Bible

Women in the Bible, whether portrayed as persons such as Sarah or Mary, or as a personification such as Lady Wisdom, help us along our faith journey to salvation. We learn from Sarah’s devotion to her husband, Abraham, and from her lies about having expressed a lack of faith that she will bear children in […]

Unsung Hero Fred Kutner

This episode initiates the 13th Apostles’ “Unsung Heroes” series, a segment in which we bring to the microphone a disciple of Christ and a servant of the Church so that we can share with the world those inspiring individuals working humbly in the Lord’s vineyard. When questioned as to why he continues to believe in […]

Jesus Quotes Scripture

Aired 6/12

Father Altman


As Dante makes his way up Mount Purgatory along his way to Paradise, he offers us a theological and pastoral map to purify and sanctify us of our remaining sinful nature–especially the 7 Deadly/Capital Sins. A fiction? Perhaps we can call it “historical fiction,” in that Dante bases his story on his and the Church’s […]

German Church SSA

Will the Catholic Church soon face another Schism from Germany? We ask this question on the heels of the recent announcement from parishes in nearly 80 cities, that they have conducted blessing ceremonies for same-sex unions in open defiance of the pope and the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF). Beginning with Charlemagne, […]

Dr. Peter Kreeft

Do we have heroes to save Western Civilization? As Christians, we must have hope, especially in light of the sobering essays by Dr Peter Kreeft in his latest book, How to Destroy Western Civilization. But does that hope mean we won’t suffer? No, especially with our weakened faith, a faith that, according to Dr Kreeft, […]

Covid – Good God

Aired 5/8

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