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Election Special – God Bless America


Mary, Co-Redemptrix

Immaculate Heart of Mary's Patriotic Rosary

Talking Catholic Medical Ethics with Dr. Mark Rollo

We’re excited to announce a new show in the WQPH lineup from a man of unique perspective and experience, Doctor Mark Rollo. Mark’s show, “First, Do No Harm,”¬†airs on November 1st, at 11:00 PM, EST. We caught up with Mark to ask him about his background and what inspired him to get into radio… WQPH: […]

Fall of the Angels

Our Quest for Happiness – Free will and the Fall of the Angels; Plainly Speaking – The Mass and Sacraments are essential; Hail Full of Grace – The Our Father Explained; Prayer to Christ the King.

Tradition: Holy Orders

“Falling and Rising”

Peter talks about forgiveness and coming back from sin. The guest is Barbara Golder.

Heroic Virtue – Persecution

Today’s episode describes three heroic themes: Samwise Gamjee’s faithfulness to the mission of the ring and to his friend Frodo Baggins, in JRR Tolkien’s famous trilogy,¬†Lord of the Rings. Sam represents the meek in the 3rd Beatitude, and from his faithfulness, he inherits the earth–by saving it from the evil Sauron. The next hero described […]

Feast of the Guardian Angels – Part 2

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