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The 13th Apostle Dan Duddy and Tom Caffery Liturgical Music

Benedictine chant and modern liturgical music pieces open this episode, contrasting styles that put in stark relief the conflict faced by many a pastor and “suffered” by many parishioners.”Bad” modern music is a favorite target for more traditional Catholics; but just as absent men bear some of the blame for a “feminized” church, absent traditional […]

Local Matters – February 29th, 2020

St. Anthony’s Choir and others, Return to the Shadows (rerun)

A tip for avoiding plagues from a 19th century Stigmatist

Among renowned mystic Marie-Julie Jahenny’s visions was a means to be protect against the plague, and it’s too simple not to try!

Our Lady of America visits Washington, DC on Ash Wednesday

WQPH founder Mary Ann Harold and a small group from WQPH made a special trip down to Washington, D.C. on Ash Wednesday with an statue of Our Lady of America.

Reverence and Love


Peter was spontaneously inspired to say a St. Michael prayer after the “Catholic’s Come Home” prayer on the show the interview is the rest of our talk with Fr. Edward Looney about his book, “A heart like Mary’s”.

Local Matters – February 22nd, 2020

WSFIs Reclamation Theology with Kyle Clement – Episode 4 “Come Home Come Rome”

From the Housetops – February 16th, 2020


Peter talks about how we are no different than the people of Moses time when it comes to sin and recognizing God. The interview is part one with Fr. Edward Looney about his book, “A heart like Mary’s.”

Amazonian Apostolic Exhortation

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