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The 13th Apostle Dan Duddy and Tom Caffery Liturgical Music

February 29, 2020

Benedictine chant and modern liturgical music pieces open this episode, contrasting styles that put in stark relief the conflict faced by many a pastor and “suffered” by many parishioners.”Bad” modern music is a favorite target for more traditional Catholics; but just as absent men bear some of the blame for a “feminized” church, absent traditional choirs bear some responsibility for the typical music in the Novus Ordo Mass. At the very least and by definition,¬†Traditional¬†Latin Mass does not have the modern music; but when a choir is present, say the co-hosts, nothing compares. The beauty of the Mass must be shown! The Eucharist is the gemstone, one that should be placed into a beautiful setting for all the senses (incense, artwork and music). The masses need to experience the beauty of the liturgy and sacraments, to help appreciate their great value and that of the Church.