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Fulton Sheen: The Church and the World

Fulton Sheen: The Fourth Great Crisis in the Church

In this conference, I’m going to tell you about the way the world is going, and what we may expect, and what we should do. First of all, we are at the end of Cristendom. Now, not Christianity, not the Church. Remember, what I am saying. We’re at the end of Christendom. What is Christendom? […]

Fulton Sheen: Communism and Truth

The subject for this telecast, as you know, is Communism and Truth. And the first part of it is going to be very heavy, but bear with us, because we trust we will have explained considerable about Communist tactics. There is a world of difference between the notion of truth in the Western World and […]

America is at the crossroads too, the crossroads of a suffering world that is undergoing a crucifixion of Communism. And the long arm of providence is reaching out to America and is saying to America, “take up that cross–that cross of all the starving people of the world–take it up, bear it.” And America is presently carrying that cross.

Our great country does not know whose cross it is carrying. Actually, we are carrying a nobler cross that we know. We are bearing a nobler cross then we deserve. We have already saved the world from the Swastika, that would cross-out the cross and make a double cross. Now we must save the world from the hammer on the sickle. The hammer that would re-crucify men, and a sickle that would cut immature wheat in order that it would never be the Bread of Life.

And America’s role is to change these symbols so that, one day, men will carry hammers erect, and these hammers will look like crosses as they parade in the name of God. And the sickle will look like the moon under the Lady’s feet, to whom these broadcasts were dedicated, to bring you to God and to make Americans love one another unto the betterment of the world and a peace of human souls.

Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen

Fulton Sheen: Communism in America

The whole world is sick. Not just one part of the world. When a human organism is sick, one cannot amputate an arm or a leg and feel that one has completely eradicated a poison, particularly when it is through the system. So it is with the world? It is impossible for us just simply […]

Local Matters – August 31st, 2019

The following audio and transcript is taken from a talk by Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen’s title “The Demonic Today.” Audio is courtesy of the Sensus Fidelium apostolate.