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Unsung Hero Fred Kutner

June 26, 2021

This episode initiates the 13th Apostles’ “Unsung Heroes” series, a segment in which we bring to the microphone a disciple of Christ and a servant of the Church so that we can share with the world those inspiring individuals working humbly in the Lord’s vineyard. When questioned as to why he continues to believe in Christ and His Church when many have left, 80-year-old Fred Kutner did not hesitate: “To live out eternity in Paradise, and to help get my wife, my children and many others there too!” Fred’s faith conversion occurred in a profoundly spiritual way at age 35 in a New York City YMCA, with the help of his praying wife Irene (channeling St Monica??), then progressed to participating and leading a variety of men’s groups, retreats and parish missions. Among thera many influenced by his faithful witness are Dan and Tom, who call Fred a friend and their brother in Christ. Today we sing praise to this previously unsung hero! God bless you, Fred. Aired 6/26