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Dr. James Agolia on Assisted Suicide Part 2

Aired 6/27

Our Lady of Perpetual Help

The complete story of the miraculous icon of Perpetual Help – Aired 6/27

Happy Feast of Our Lady, Queen of Perpetual Help

Purgatory, Temporal Punishment of Sin – Part 2

Aired 6/7

The Life and Writings of St Justin Martyr

Aired 6/26

Just Prayers

Aired 6/26

Unsung Hero Fred Kutner

This episode initiates the 13th Apostles’ “Unsung Heroes” series, a segment in which we bring to the microphone a disciple of Christ and a servant of the Church so that we can share with the world those inspiring individuals working humbly in the Lord’s vineyard. When questioned as to why he continues to believe in […]

Father Andre – June 9th Partial Cenacle

Aired 6/26

Gilbert: the Return of the Father

After falling out of fashion for a few decades, fatherhood is returning to the Western World, and not for any newfound appreciation by the world. If the world had its way, fatherhood would be relegated to museums, stashed within a few dusty cases along the far wall of the “World Religions” wing. Fatherhood, like all […]

“Vatican City” by Robin Hickmott is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 

Happy Father’s Day, to all our friends who are fathers by nature or in spirit.

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