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Dr. Peter Kreeft

May 15, 2021

Do we have heroes to save Western Civilization? As Christians, we must have hope, especially in light of the sobering essays by Dr Peter Kreeft in his latest book, How to Destroy Western Civilization. But does that hope mean we won’t suffer? No, especially with our weakened faith, a faith that, according to Dr Kreeft, has both lost its spine and withered to its root. Can we stiffen our spines and strengthen our roots? Yes, by doing what “Coach Dan” often reminds us to do: “Go back to the fundamentals.” We don’t remain there, because our faith “spines” must grow and harden; but we must begin there, and strengthen our peasant faith roots. And what is that most fundamental truth? Surrender to God’s will, by becoming committed disciples of Jesus the Christ! Aired 5/15