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This little devotion…

A listener tells the story of how Our Lady of America found her way into his life simply by being in the most ordinary place at the most ordinary time.

Kobe Bryant Was Beloved But What Did He Love?

A part of this story is hanging quietly in the wings waiting to be told. One that you likely won’t find in the largest media outlets around the world.

Quotes from Akita: The Tears and Message of Mary (Part 4)

This is the forth and final part of our special series of excerpts from the definitive book on Akita. In this part, the miracles of Akita go under the scrutiny of faithless opposition, the miracles of the tears are captured by a camera crew and broadcast on television, the statue weeps for the last time, […]

Simon of Cyrene

Sacred Scripture only briefly mentions Simon of Cyrene; but as Dan and Tom discover during their meditations on him and his role of “Cross-bearer,” his brief appearance evokes powerful truths and messages about our role in our own suffering and, more importantly, our role in the suffering of others.

Bridie Vail, "Pure in Heart"


Why does one remain Catholic in an era of scandal and troubles?

Doubt with Jim

Local Matters – January 25th, 2020

Reclamation Theology with Kyle Clement, Episode 2


Cana Wine Meditation

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