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Truth II

October 26, 2019

What is truth? Better yet: Who is Truth? Continuing from their discussion of two weeks ago, Dan and Tom explore the increasing contrast and conflict between the subjective, changeable truth rampant in today’s culture with the objective, eternal Truth of God–principally in the words and in the person of Jesus Christ. Jesus is the ultimate revelation of God; and since God is Truth, Jesus is therefore the ultimate revealer of the Truths of God and of the Truth in God. His Word is the Good News, and such a Truth that his followers went to their deaths because of their belief in Him and in His Truth. And just as Thomas’s proclamation of faith at the truth of Jesus’s resurrection gave hope to future doubters, so did Saul’s conversion from murderer to the Sainted Paul offer hope to subsequent murderers and sinners–by his witness to the Truth that one can only find in Jesus Christ.