The 13th Apostle

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Dan and Tom are the “odd couple” of Catholic media. These faithful Catholics hail from New Jersey, and come off the bench to evangelize the modern culture with the timeless truths of Christ’s faith, hope and love, using their witness, storytelling, and a heavy dash of humor.

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Judas: Hero or Villain? 2020-04-18
Corona 3

Tom Caffrey discusses with Dan Duddy his recovery from the Coronavirus.

Coronavirus 2020-03-14
The 13th Apostle Dan Duddy and Tom Caffery Liturgical Music

Benedictine chant and modern liturgical music pieces open this episode, contrasting styles that put in stark relief the conflict faced by many a pastor and “suffered” by many parishioners.”Bad” modern music is a favorite target for more traditional Catholics; but just as absent men bear some of the blame for a “feminized” church, absent traditional […]

Amazonian Apostolic Exhortation 2020-02-15
Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich 2020-02-08
Simon of Cyrene

Sacred Scripture only briefly mentions Simon of Cyrene; but as Dan and Tom discover during their meditations on him and his role of “Cross-bearer,” his brief appearance evokes powerful truths and messages about our role in our own suffering and, more importantly, our role in the suffering of others.

Doubt with Jim 2020-01-25
Cana Wine Meditation 2020-01-18
European Christianity 2020-01-11

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