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Dan and Tom are the “odd couple” of Catholic media. These faithful Catholics hail from New Jersey, and come off the bench to evangelize the modern culture with the timeless truths of Christ’s faith, hope and love, using their witness, storytelling, and a heavy dash of humor.

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Chuck Kelley of The Deacon’s Table 2022-09-17
Demands of Discipleship: Hate

In Luke’s Gospel, Jesus teaches his followers that unless they hate their parents, siblings, spouses, and their own lives, they cannot be his disciples. He also tells us to not delay discipleship to bury our loved ones or say goodbye to them. Wow! What’s that all about? Jesus requires hatred?? Too often, modern translations of ancient texts often […]

Joseph Pearce on Saint Augustine

In their efforts at evangelization, faithful Catholics should use the relatability of the raw humanity found in much of St Augustine’s Confessions. In this episode, Joseph Pearce, Editor of the Ignatius Critical Editions series, joins Dan and Tom to discuss one of the most influential works in the history of Catholicism and the Western world. As with many of […]

Rosary The Atlantic 2022-08-27
Assumption 2022-08-20
Gender, Purpose, Mission 2022-08-13
Gender with Abigail Favale

“Know thyself” exhorts the unknown (to us) ancient Greek philosopher by his inscription at the entrance to the Temple of Apollo. Sadly, increasing numbers of youngsters today do not know themselves. To turn a phrase of Moses found in Exodus 2:22, they are strangers in a strange body. The gender and sex identity crisis among today’s […]

Bud McFarlane, Part 2 2022-07-30
Bud MacFarlane, Jr – Part 1

Listen in on the conversation that Dan and Tom had with Bud MacFarlane, Jr, founder of The Mary Foundation and He’s our latest “Unsung Hero,” testified by his great efforts to live the Gospel, spread the Gospel and manifest the Kingdom of God on Earth.

Praying for People 2022-07-09