The 13th Apostle

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Dan and Tom are the “odd couple” of Catholic media. These faithful Catholics hail from New Jersey, and come off the bench to evangelize the modern culture with the timeless truths of Christ’s faith, hope and love, using their witness, storytelling, and a heavy dash of humor.

Title Description Air Date
Pentecost 2019-06-08
Ascension Sunday 2019-06-01
Why “The 13th Apostle”? 2019-05-25
Kingdom of God 2019-05-18
LOV, Post-Resurrection Witness, Confessional Law 2019-05-04
Saint Thomas 2019-04-27
Holy Week 2019-04-20
God’s Plan Part 2 2019-04-13
God’s Plan Part 1

We are going to answer the question that sages over centuries have asked: do we have freewill and does that override God’s will or God’s plan?

Lent, Fasting, Pilgrimage 2019-03-30

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