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Easter Sunday!

The Resurrection: Christ’s Victory over Death is our Victory Also; The Resurrection is the Basis of our Faith and the Triumph of our Hope; The FIrst Glorious Mystery of the Rosary…(From Liturgical Year Dom Gueranger, Hamon’s Meditations and Hail Full of Grace Rosary Meditations) Aired 4/4

Easter Show

Aired 4/3

“Proof of Easter”

Peter covers 8 (non religious) reasons why the Resurrection should be believed. The guest is the author of Amazing Grace For Mothers.

"Easter Redemption"

Peter reflects on Christ’s suffering vs. ours. Part 2 of interview with Tony Agnesi.

Tom Caffrey of The 13th Apostle recovers from COVID-19

Tom Caffrey is a co-host, along with Dan Duddy, of The 13th Apostle, which airs on WQPH every Saturday at 11:30 AM. Tom recently contracted the COVID-19 Coronavirus along with members of his family. He shared about this difficult trial on this past Saturday’s show (April 4th), and he graciously agreed to the following interview… […]