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Dan and Tom are the “odd couple” of Catholic media, with Dan emphasizing Catechesis and Tom exploring Theology. With groundedness and a New Jerseyan dash of humor, they search all things Good, Beautiful, and True of the Faith and the Catholic Church via discussion, debate, interviews, and a lot of fun along the way!

Title Description Air Date
Humor 2023-11-18
Synod, Part II

Tom Caffrey discuss with Deacon Chuck and Jim.

Psalms Lament Victory 2023-10-28
Holy Family Parish Gaza 2023-10-21
Synod, Part 1 2023-10-14
Perfection 2023-10-07
There and Back Again: an Interview with Father Longenecker

This is a unique tale of one man’s spiritual adventure, tracing God’s unusual plan of providence from 1950s America to England and back again. Dwight Longenecker’s conversion story is a roller coaster ride through fundamentalism, Oxford, Cambridge, and the modern Catholic Church. Brought up in an Evangelical Protestant home, he attended the fundamentalist Bob Jones University, […]

Pascal’s Wager 2023-09-23
“The Dazzling Light of God: A Madeleine Delbrêl Reader” with Thomas Jacobi

Everything is so beautiful when we look at it with a little love,” wrote the French social worker and poet Madeleine Delbrêl (1904–1964), whom the Vatican named Venerable in 2018. Through the convulsions of the twentieth century, she made her home in one of the most brutal towns of Europe—the Communist-run Parisian suburb of Ivry. […]

Virtues and Beatitudes 2023-09-09