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A Miracle from The Holy Face of Jesus

September 10, 2022
WQPH listener Lubica V. stands without pain on the day of her daughter’s wedding after being miraculously cured by her devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus

The following testimony was sent in from listener Lubica V., a devotee of the Holy Face of Jesus.

It was July of 2022. The wedding of my daughter Teresa was coming up fast. There were still a lot of details to take care of and bridal gown alterations to do. At the same time I had severe pain in my left hip, pelvic bone, and back. The pain had been with me for months, and it was increasing. I had pleural effusion on my left lung which was getting critical. I had been to the ER and was hospitalized twice in just two weeks. I had a catheter put into my lung so it could be drained more easily. My health problems were getting worse and worse, and pain medications became essential to help me through the days. As the wedding drew nearer, I hoped to be able to do the alterations on my daughter’s dress and to be able to attend the wedding. With about ten days to go, a faithful friend of mine who knows about my condition told me that the feast of the Holy Face of Jesus would occur the same day as the wedding, August 20. A celebration was planned at St. Cecilia Church in Leominster [editor: event hosted by WQPH], and she added my name to the list of intentions that day. She also sent a picture of the Holy Face of Jesus to my phone, and told me to touch it, which I did in veneration. I then started a novena to the Holy Face of Jesus immediately for my daughter and her fiancĂ© and their wedding day.

On a Wednesday night (three days before the wedding) in the middle of the night I got up slowly and made my painful way to the bathroom. On my way back to the sofa I found myself in excruciating pain, unable to take another step. I had only managed to make it as far as the kitchen island, so I leaned over the counter to hold myself up. That was the only thing I could do. I was unable to reach my phone to call for help, so I remained there, leaning over the counter, crying and trying not to move for about three hours. After those hours of agony I was able to very slowly make tiny movements that eventually got me back to my spot on the sofa.  Still in terrible pain, I restarted my novena to the Holy Face of Jesus, following along with a video on YouTube. I prayed all 9 days of the novena right there. Realizing I would not be able to go to the wedding like this, my intentions were for my daughter to have a beautiful wedding filled with joy, and that I could be there without pain so we could all enjoy the day together. I followed that with the Glorious and Luminous mysteries of the rosary (for Wednesday and Thursday) with Universal Rosary Media. This severe episode of pain, which lasted for several hours, was the third incident of this kind in two weeks.

When morning came and my other daughter and son-in-law who live upstairs came down to see me, I explained what happened, and they felt I needed to return to the hospital. Still in terrible pain, I asked her to hand me the bridal gown so I could at least try to finish the alterations while lying on the sofa. With only two days left before the big day, I was worried time was running out. I worked through my pain, finished the alterations by 2 pm and went to the Emergency Room once again. Because it was so close to the wedding, my future son-in-law Robert was the only person available to stay with me. He stayed there with me for 8 hours, praying the rosary for me and waiting for the scan results. Late into the night I learned I had a fracture in my spine (T-12), and this was likely the source of the pain.

By Friday afternoon, I still wasn’t sure if I would be going home or if I could even entertain the idea of going to the wedding. Then my doctor came in and offered me a brace for my back, the use of a wheelchair, and offered to let me go home so I could attend the wedding. I agreed, and went home in the evening, not knowing how I would feel the next day. I was scared.

Exhausted from the previous night and the hospital stay, I had the first full night of sleep in a long time.

The Wedding Day

I got up at 5 AM, made sure to take my medication as usual, wore my brace, and left with my daughter to the bride’s house to have our makeup done. So far, I had no pain, but wondered if I would make it without pain until 1 PM for the wedding at St. John the Evangelist church in Clinton, MA. We made it to the church on time, and I was able to walk my daughter a short distance to the altar to give her away to my Robert, a wonderful and pious young man. I was praising the Lord with a smile and tears in my eyes.

Even at the reception, I had no pain. I was walking, socializing, and enjoying every second of this blessed day. We returned home at 10 PM. Again with tears of joy I thanked the Holy Face of Jesus for granting me my miracle. After that long day I slept for 12 hours.

The day after the wedding, my newlywed daughter gave me a gift bag containing the Holy Face of Jesus chaplet beads, a medal of the Holy Face of Jesus, as well as St. Maria Pierina’s book, The Chronology of the Holy Face Devotion, History, People, Places & Prayers by Vicki Schreiner.

So did I get my miracle? Definitely! “Ask and you shall receive.”

Thank you Holy Face of Jesus.

Ever since the wedding, I pray the chaplet of the Holy Face of Jesus daily, and I start the Holy Face of Jesus novena every other Sunday.

I also thank my wonderful family, friends, and team of doctors who prayed for me and continue praying for my healing. They are all included in my prayers. May our wonderful God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit bless them always.

– Lubica V.

A drawing commissioned by Pope Pius XII of the Holy Face of Jesus