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Marijuana Addiction in America

Contact for The Kolbe Family Group: email at Other resources/links to some recent information on the mental health harms of Marijuana use: The following is a compelling 6 minute video aired earlier this week on the ABC affiliate Denver 7 explaining why Johnny Stack’s parents believe high potency THC caused their son Johnny’s suicide. […]

The Corruption of Medicine: Secular Bioethics, Part III

Our Lord’s Ascension into Heaven

Judith, Daniel

Reading With Your Kids

Saint Juliana of Norwich


Part 2 of interview with Father Frank Pavone

El Camino de Santiago

First Five Saturdays Consecration

…allow me to observe that what we are facing in this particular moment of history is a powerful reminder to us that the Priesthood is not for the faint-hearted.  Of course, it never was.  But for a long time, up until recently, we lived in a society that allowed us to imagine that it was.  Let us not fool ourselves any longer.  And know how deeply grateful I am to you for being with your people, shepherding them, challenging them, and leading them to the green pastures that are deeper life in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Archbishop Salvatore Cordelione
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