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Pro-life Philly

January 30, 2021

As Dan and Tom walked toward Independence Hall in Philadelphia, during the recent Right to Life march and celebration, they approached a homeless man sprawled on the street corner–in the bitter cold. Some would say that had his mother undergone an abortion, he would not have to experience his protracted suffering. Faithful Christians would say he has dignity, using the imagination of their faith to see the Imago Dei in his eyes. But does that image lessen his suffering? That’s an understandable objection given by those in the pro-choice (pro-abortion) camp, and one we have to answer. But how best to do that? The hosts bemoan the multi-BILLION dollars spent by the Church on its clergy sex scandals, monies that could have helped save many in the womb and whose wise investments could have incentivized many would-be mommies to keep their children with the promise of significant financial help in support of them, in addition to the spiritual help that every church should give.