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God is Great, part 2

January 23, 2021

Following up from the prior episode, Dan and Tom continue to explore and, yes, wrestle with reconciling God’s greatness with the suffering that comes to all of us–even to His disciples. Anyone can agree that these difficult experiences test us in every way–especially our faith. But do these tests represent a disciplinary chastisement from a loving father (a theology that drives some people away from the faith)? Or, does our suffering result from the evil exercise of others’ free will, and test our faithfulness to God and the belief that he remains faithful to us in our darkness? If the latter, then what does that mean? Dan explores Hebrews 12:7-11 for some guidance, and Tom draws from Job’s faithfulness in spite of terrible suffering, something that agrees with the exhortation for us to make our praise commensurate with our suffering. Finally, when we rail against God because of His absence in our suffering, do we do so without realizing that He made His presence known through the help of loving family, friends and the many throughout the ages whose writings have taught us to focus our eyes on the Crucifix, and not the storm surrounding it?