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With prayers and a cross of roses, citizens urge governor to veto radical abortion bill

December 5, 2020

December 5th, Boston, in the freezing rain, pro-life citizens gathered to pray in front of the Massachusetts State House, bringing with them over on thousand roses, which they arranged into the shape of a cross at the gate and covered the steps on each side.

Participants are uniting to urge Governor Baker to veto Bill 5150 which includes Amendment 759, permitting girls as young as 16 to receive abortions up to the end of term without parental consent and making it lawful to kill a child who survives a botched abortion.

Members from of pro-life groups, Silent No More Massachusetts, Pure In Heart, Youth Ministries in the Archdioceses of Boston, 40 Days For Life, and Renew Coalition participated in the event.

The groups are calling for a participation in a “Jericho Walk” tomorrow, Sunday, December 6th, at 11:45 AM, where they will walk seven times around the State House and conclude with prayer.

They are asking all supporters to join with them in prayer at that time.

WQPH has obtained these photos of the event: