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Inbox: improved translation for the new Akita message

July 14, 2020

It’s been several months since we received from a courier a new message from Sr. Sasagawa, and the world has seen great upheaval since then. And the story continues to receive steady attention.

One reader writes in regarding the translation we provided for the new message:

I offer an improved translation of part of the new message to Sister Sasagawa:

灰をかぶって*悔い改めのロザリオ *を毎日祈ってください。あなた(シスター笹川)は幼子のようになって、毎日犠牲を捧げてください
Cover yourself in ashes, and please pray a Rosary of reparation every day. Become like a child. Please offer sacrifices everyday.

He also provided his interpretation:

…the Angel of Akita requested daily rosary and sacrifices as penance and mortification for whatever is to come. Several people used the old translation to promote an obscure, unapproved devotion allegedly given by St. Padre Pio.

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