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Kat: Thanksgiving to The Holy Trinity

May 29, 2020

The Corona virus is an evil which has caused every people on every continent mind-blowing quandaries and herein pours Christ’s mercy and love.

When I jumped in my car I was immediately engaged by Mother Angelica, who said “Jesus Christ pours out His Blessings during hardships and tears…Look for His Blessings.”

We are children of hope.  This momentous reality begs of each of us reflection and contemplation as to our relationship with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit as disciples of Jesus Christ and Mother Mary.

“He joined His divinity to our humanity so that we would join our humanity to His divinity.”  So Let It be Done!

All of us can be better Catholics and far more attentive to Our God.  God desires this, demands this, and wills it for our salvation.  We are doomed to human slavery if we do not lovingly attend to Our God’s Divine Will: seek It, love It, live It and speak It.  Nothing less is asked of us than was asked of the Christians of the early church.

Fiat, Fiat, Fiat; so says the Father, His Son, the Holy Spirit, the Mother of God, Mary most holy, her holy beloved spouse, Joseph, the apostles, the martyrs, the converts, and the faithful. Patriarchs, prophets, women and men, Jews and Gentiles, Romans and foreigners (the Magi for starters), the rich and the poor sought the Christ, the Son of God.

Pope Francis spoke of the Corona pandemic in his homily last week and said, too, “there are many pandemics plaguing us presently such as world hunger and war.”

I would like to speak to the idolatry of the West.  Narcissism and its beloved companion, hedonism, are the “pandemics” in most every aspect of western culture.   Some of our brothers and sisters revel in them thus: massage parlors, “manis” and “pedis”, cosmetic surgeries, sex trafficing, “sin cities,” college dorms, birth control, male enhancements, cocaine, heroin, cannabus, whiskey, bourbon, craft beer, pills, pornography, abortion, morning after pills, vasectomies,  barber shops on every fourth corner, beauty salons on every third corner, gyms, gyms with mirrors, gyms with juice bars, gyms with alcohol bars, illicit sex, prostitution, fast cars, fat wallets, well suited mannequins, material men and women, “jacked” credit cards, coveted zip codes, second homes, college boards, college bumper stickers, smarmy acronyms, gambling,  I phones, selfies, selfies, selfies, $$$, season tickets, personal bankruptcy, divorce, and child care.

What was shuttered in the U.S.A.: Hollywood, colleges and universities, all schools, sporting events, restaurants, bars, Happy Hour, malls, concerts, beaches,cinemas, the airline industry, the tourist industry, the automobile industry, libraries, Broadway, New York, New Orleans, Nashville, Vegas, hotels, motels…N.Y. Exchange a couple of times.

And God said, “Look homeward angels and His children were forced to go home and wrap themselves in masks and gloves and ‘wonderment.'”

Praise God. Thank You Blessed Mother, St. Joseph and all the angels, saints, and purgatory dwellers for your prayers. Let us pray for all our brothers and sisters and ourselves to seek and find God this mystical Easter season.

Thank you, Most Holy Trinity.

– Kat / WQPH Contributor