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WQPH Celebrates 7 years of being on the air

November 7, 2019

On November 1st, WQPH marked the 7th year anniversary of the day we took to the air.

Update 11/8 – the article incorrectly stated that WQPH has been on the air 8 years, when in fact it has been on for 7 years (Nov 1, 2012 to Nov 1, 2019). We apologize for this mistake.

To reflect upon this occasion, WQPH founder, Mary Ann Harold, who has piloted the station through many challenging waters, took time from her hectic schedule answer some questions about the station…

WQPH founder Mary Ann Harold meets with Mother Angelica

Why did you get involved in Radio?

Our Prayers For Life Apostolate took a small group to Hanceville where we met Mother Angelica. We had rented a small house  there and the owner insisted that we visit Radio Mountain.

We went and when we returned, he kept insisting that we were meant to go back to Boston and start an EWTN Catholic Radio.

How did WQPH begin?

After 3 and a half years renting an hour of broadcasting time on WROL Boston, the Catholic Radio Association thought we should apply for a NCE license in Shirley Mass. We had no idea if this would ever be granted. We prayed to Little Audrey Santo to help us discern.

The license was granted! And after this enormous shock, we realized we would have to build a station from scratch…with no revenue…God’s mercy blessed to go on air on November 1st, 2012.

7 years is a long time, what stands out to you with the passing of this anniversary?

What stands out is the enormous faith, dedication and intercessary prayer that came from so many humble souls. We could not hire anyone–had no idea how we would pay the monthly bills–but the Good Lord did!