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The Good

October 5, 2019

Dan and Tom discuss “the Good,” which is the second in their 3-part series on the Three Transcendentals (“The Good, The Beautiful and The True”). As with Beauty, are there subjective as well as objective “Goods?” What is good for Tom may not be good for Dan, but the good of, say, Oxygen, is an objective good that is independent upon how either one of them feel about it. Fulfillment of one’s purpose is the highest good. The highest good for a Christian is union with God; that differs significantly from the greatest good for Aristotle, which is reason. The highest good is the end of everything we do. It suffices unto itself. Can we say that we are good because we do good? This points us to the 3 parts of Morality by C.S. Lewis. Augustine described evil as the absence of good.