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Holy Communion – Part 1

Can We Criticize the Pope?

French Beheadings – Opaque

So much confusion in the Catholic world! Islamic terror attacks in France and Austria, with 3 of the faithful Catholics murdered–at least one beheaded–in church! Many clerics describe their reactions as having “sadness” and wishing “not to repay violence with violence,” without considering that some violence is righteous in the context of justice. Pope Francis […]

Mary, Co-Redemptrix

Heroic Virtue – Persecution

Today’s episode describes three heroic themes: Samwise Gamjee’s faithfulness to the mission of the ring and to his friend Frodo Baggins, in JRR Tolkien’s famous trilogy, Lord of the Rings. Sam represents the meek in the 3rd Beatitude, and from his faithfulness, he inherits the earth–by saving it from the evil Sauron. The next hero described […]

The Beatitudes – Revile

The Beatitudes – Persecuted for Righteousness — The 13th Apostle with Dan Duddy and Tom Caffrey

The Beatitudes – Peacemakers

Pure of Heart

God sent Jesus Christ to humanity, so that he could reconcile us to him by sacrificing himself for the sin of the world. Our Sacrament of Reconciliation restores our relationship, thereby bringing us some level of peace. Jesus taught his disciples to imitate him, and reconcile one to the other. As disciples, we must do something to ease […]

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