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God and Neighbor

Peter talks about the passage in Mark where the scribe complements Christ on his answer concerning the 1st Commandment.

You Can’t See Me

Peter considers how we miss the presence of Christ.

The 67 Percent Solution

Peter talks about a study that shows that 67% of women who had abortion felt pressured or would not have had them if they had financial or social support to keep their child.

Mothers Day and Ascension Thursday

Peter talks about Mothers the Queenship of Mary and why Ascension day is so critical and worth a Thursday rather than being moved. Plus: Tim Francis’ Signs from God

SatanCon Part 2 with Chaplet of Saint Michael Prayer

SatanCon with St. Michael Prayer

The first of two special shows where Peter will pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet with the intention of prayer for those part of SatanCon in Boston. He also reads the letter from Bishop McManus on the subject that was distributed to all parishes in the Worcester Diocese:

Divine Mercy for All

Peter explains how the combination of Christ’s sacrifice and Christ’s mercy is the way to go.


Welcoming new members into the Church and forgetting their sins.

At the Worcester Catholic Men’s Conference

Peter interviews attendees from the Worcester Catholic Men’s Conference


Peter laments those who reject the forgiveness that Christ bought for all on the cross. The interview is Francis Calibrase and her Little Brown Scapular Coloring Book (

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