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“Heaven, Hell, Mercy” – Part 2

We continue to read the famous sermon of St. Leonard of Port Maurice and note that these truths are one of the reasons why God provided feasts like Divine Mercy Sunday.

“Heaven, Hell, Mercy” – Part 1

The most famous sermon of St. Leonard of Port Maurice called “The little number of those who are saved” At the time of divine Mercy Sunday it’s a sermon worth hearing. Aired 4/3

“Indulge Me”

The ease of earning indulgences and why it is worth your time and effort.

Father Anthony of Maryville



Peter talks about how in the end we have to take the steps ourselves Donna Heckler’s interview on living like a lady with cancer.


“Even Now”

Following his Ash Wednesday, Peter talks about the first reading from Joel, and the great hope it brings. The interview is Geri Guadagno.


The interview is part 1 of Geri Guardino on her book, John of the Smiles

“Life, Death, Neighbors”

What we all have in common (that being, we live and we die).

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