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Using Imagination to Teach History

Turning the Tide of Teen Atheism

Tony speaks with Bryan Mercier, a popular speaker with teens across the nation, about stemming the rise of atheism in our youth today, and we review his website, TheCatholicTruth.Org. Episode Links Guest: Bryan MercierReviewed Item: TheCatholicTruth.Org

Teens Active in the Cause for Life

A Writing Community for Teens

Tony speaks with Dominic de Souza, the founder of Legend Fiction, about the importance for teens to have a writing community for self-expression and mentorship, and we review his site, Legend Fiction. Episode Links Dominic de Souza – Fiction –

The Parents Guide to Social Media

Tony interviews Evan Barber, a publisher at Axis, about the various social media platform challenges for parents and teens today, and they review five of the Axis Guidebooks by Tyndale Kids. Episode Links Our guest: Evan Barber – reviewed item: Axis Parent Guidebooks –

Controversial Saints

Tony interviews teacher and author Joseph Lewis about the best ways to speak with kids about controversial saints, and we review Joseph’s YA novel, Miracle at the Mission. Guest: Joseph LewisReviewed Item: Miracle at the Mission

Christmas Activities for Our Kids

Speaking with Teens about Truth

Tony interviews author Mary Woods about her novel, Markmaker, and on speaking to teens about the importance of knowing truth and identifying falsehood, and we review Lois Lowry’s novel, The Giver. For more of guest Mary Woods visit Reviewed Item: ‘The Giver’ by Lois Lowry

Speaking with Teens about Evil

Tony interviews award-winning author Jill Willis about her YA novel, The Demons Among Us, and on speaking to teens about the existence of evil, and we review Sharon Rene’s series, Defying Destiny. For more Jill Willis: Reviewed item: ‘Defying Destiny’ by Sharon Ren

Talking with Kids about Church Scandal

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