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PAS discussion with Stephanie Gray Connors, Part 2

Aired 4/25

Consolations in Trials and Sufferings

Hamon’s Meditations – Consolation in the Trials and Sufferings of Life; The Secret of Mary – The Wonderful Effects of Total Consecration to Mary; Our Quest for Happiness – Who May Baptize?; A Pro-life talk – Planned Parenthood’s Myths. Aired 4/25

Keep the Commandments, Sanctification – Part 7

Aired 4/25/2021

Movie Reflection: Barabbas

Aired 4/24

“Prayer Group”

Audio intentions and prayers from a group praying for priests including an interview with WQPH’s Maryann Harold. Aired 4/24

7 Deadly Sins

Pride, Wrath, Envy, Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth: the Seven Deadly Sins or, as nicknamed by Bishop Fulton J Sheen, the Seven Pallbearers. Joseph Gower, former Chair of Theology at Georgian Court University and my theology mentor, refers to these robbers of our faithfulness and, ultimately, our salvation, as pre-sins, in that they prepare the way […]

Meg and Brenda from Servants from the Upper Room, Part 2

Caffrey: Retreat, Then Go Forward!

Cross posted from In mid-February I attended a retreat at Discovery House, an oasis of spiritual healing nestled at the intersection of Wharton State Forest and the blueberry farms that, long ago, helped earn New Jersey its “Garden State” nickname. The group of faithful Catholic men, in whom I humbly claim membership, is known as […]

Gilbert: basis of trust

Overarching the debate about the vaccines and the ethical problems of how they were produced, America faces a more fundamental question: what is the greater good that we are striving for here? It must be said that America is a post-Christian society (Fulton Sheen remarked as much decades ago), and the good that comes about […]

A Catholic who publicly and obstinately opposes the truth regarding faith and morals may not present himself or herself to receive Holy Communion and neither may the minister of Holy Communion give him or her the Sacrament.

Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke, April 7th, 2021
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