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A Rosary Procession to Medford City Hall

July 13, 2020
Prayers for Life members gather in front of St. Joseph’s in Medford

On Sunday, July 12th, in the sweltering heat, the spiritual activist group “Prayers For Life” led a Rosary procession down High Street to Medford’s City Hall.

Once at City Hall, the group was joined by Fr Henry, who gave a “strong” blessing for the spiritual well-being of the city and the nation.

Participants carried signs, an American flag, an image of the Divine Mercy, and an image of Our Lady of America, a private devotion which the group has embraced as a signal representative.

Fr Henry gives a blessing at Medford City Hall

One member of the group offered WQPH this account of the event:

It was really hot so the streets were quiet, which probably made our group more noticeable. The residents’ reactions were mixed. Some honks and waves and smiles and some frowns and swearing.

Julie of Prayers for Life

A few participants said those reactions brought to mind that Sunday’s Gospel, the Parable of the Sower, and the mixed receptivity of the soil in the story.

Members carried signs with calls to prayer and religious images including the Divine Mercy and Our Lady of America