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A miraculous healing by Our Lady of America!

May 31, 2019
Our Lady of America visits a sick woman and heals her.

The remarkable image of Our Lady of America, which was charitably lent to us by Dan Lynch Apostolates, has already brought so many graces upon the faithful of Massachusetts, and yesterday, a friend of the station reported a miraculous healing which occurred in the presence of the image during Memorial Day weekend.

My mother was vomiting for about six months, couldn’t hold any food or liquid. Since Saturday, after Mary Ann [WQPH Founder] told me she will bring The Blessed Mother to my apartment, I told my mother, she was very happy and excited. I saw the change on the same day. Even the day before Mary Ann came to the apartment, she stopped vomiting and coughing. She is much better. She is so excited now to pray all days.

This is the most evident act of grace we have seen during our time with the image of Our Lady of America.

The healed woman is so grateful, and we are grateful to share her faith-affirming story with you!