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Quotes from In Sinu Jesu: When Heart Speaks to Heart

March 30, 2019

This book, In Sinu Jesu: When Heart Speaks to Heart, is the notebook of a benedictine monk who spent years in Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and through private revelations, heard the voice of Jesus, Mary and others. The book spans all the way from 2007 to 2016 or so, which makes it all the more interesting because it speaks to our age like no other.

The core message of the book is an impassioned plea to the priesthood to re-institute Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. Although the book is directed particularly toward priests, the contents go far beyond and illuminate the value of Adoration for readers of all vocations.

While we do recommend purchasing the book because there is so much beauty and wisdom inside, here are some quotes form the book which stood out to us, arranged by theme…

Note: quotes have been taken from the Kindle version and the location is noted. All quotes are attributed by the author to Jesus, unless indicated otherwise.

Transcendent capacity of prayer

Your sleepiness in no way impedes My action in your soul. If My action depended on your state of attention, I would be limited indeed. My action in your soul is deeper than your outward states of attention or sleepiness, deeper too than your thoughts and imaginings. You have only to come before Me intending to adore Me and to offer yourself to My Heart, and I will do all the rest.

Kindle Locations 2747-2750

Your fatigue and your distractions in adoration are no impediment to My action in the depths of your soul.

Kindle Locations 2859-2860

Suffering, for you, is the humble acceptance of every limitation, fatigue, humiliation, disappointment, and sorrow. It is the joyful acceptance of infirmity and weakness. It is adhesion to all the manifestations of My will, especially those that you are incapable of understanding in the present moment.

Kindle Locations 2755-2757

Adore Me always and in all places by a simple movement of your heart. Consider that wherever you are, I see you and know your heart’s desire.

Kindle Locations 3349-3350

There is no need to force your prayer, as if it were something of your own doing. It is enough to remain with Me, content to be in My presence as I am content to be in yours.

Kindle Locations 3378-3380

For many, the business of religion has driven out the joy that is an infallible sign of My presence in one’s life. I Myself am no longer central to the priestly ministry of too many of My chosen ones: they exhaust themselves in a constant flow of activities and conversations, never taking time to be silent in My presence, and to listen to what My Heart longs to speak to their hearts. This is true not only of diocesan priests; it is, alas, true of far too many of those whom I have called to live for Me alone in the silence of the cloister. Even there, the spirit of activism has penetrated, drawing men from one enterprise to another, causing them to build castles in the sand, playthings that will be swept away again and again by the vehemence of My love, until they learn to find happiness in Me alone.

Kindle Locations 4101-4107

All that does not proceed from Me is lost. All that does not proceed from Me will be swept away on the day of temptation. All that does not come from Me is of no value in the kingdom of heaven. Seek, then, not to do much, but to love Me above all other things.

Kindle Locations 4133-4135

There are, alas, many souls who, in their hour of suffering, stop believing. They lose their faith in Me, and descend into hopelessness, and even despair. To rise from their suffering, they have only to make the smallest act of faith; it will dispel the darkness and lift them out of their despair. A little act of faith is immensely powerful; it is a spark of fire and of light in the vast cold darkness of sin and disbelief.

Kindle Locations 4485-4488

Receiving Christ

Trust Me with all the events of your life. I will not abandon you. You are Mine and I will not forsake you. The decisions of men are all in My hands. Nothing will befall you that I do not permit. I will give you My grace to accept the changing circumstances of your life. It is I who am behind all that happens to you. Nothing escapes My wisdom; nothing escapes My love; nothing escapes My omnipotence. Trust Me, and be at peace. I bless you with all the love of My Sacred Heart. Do not be afraid. Tell Me again and again that you trust in My merciful love for you.

Kindle Locations 1377-1381

You are learning, at last, not to force events and not to manipulate people so as to have your own way. I want you to trust Me absolutely and in all things. Nothing escapes My attention. You are close to My Heart. My Mother watches over you. She is your advocate and your perpetual help. Go to her confidently with your doubts, your worries, and your fears. Trust in her maternal Heart is never misplaced, and she will never disappoint you.

Kindle Locations 1741-1744

Make yourself vulnerable to My words. Allow Me to speak to you in such a way as to wound you with the piercing of divine love.

Kindle Locations 3027-3028

Give Me the first place and I will attend to all the rest. Such is My promise to you, and I am faithful to My promises.

Kindle Locations 2770-2771

Every conversation includes both questions and answers. Speak to Me confidently and without fear of being misunderstood or judged.

Kindle Locations 3361-3362

Rise earlier. Give Me the first hours of the day. Come to Me before seeking anything or anyone else. I will strengthen you to use well the hours of each day begun in this way.

Kindle Locations 3929-3930

The exercise of faith increases faith. The exercise of confidence causes confidence to grow.

Kindle Locations 3966-3967

I am here— really present— available to you at any hour of the day or night. I wait for you. I want to listen to the cares and preoccupations that you carry like a heavy burden. Give them all to Me. Trust in Me and I will act. I have told you this before: for Me nothing is insignificant. No detail of your life is too small and no sin of yours too shameful to be brought to Me and to be abandoned at My feet. Yes, this is how My saints acted. They were certain that any difficulty entrusted to My Heart would find there the best of all possible solutions. Tell Me that you trust in My merciful love by letting go of the things that burden and oppress you. I am the Lord of all things in heaven and on earth, and to Me nothing is impossible.

Kindle Locations 1956-1961

Fear is the great obstacle in interior prayer. Prayer, and Eucharistic adoration in particular, is a dangerous transaction because it threatens the state of mediocrity into which one has settled. In adoration I act upon the soul directly: the soul is exposed to Me in her poverty, her nakedness, and all her sins.

Kindle Locations 4141-4143

Look not at your sins; look, rather, at My face and at the wound in My side. Look at the wounds in My hands and in My feet, and receive from them the streams of grace that will heal the wounds of sin, and purify them, and cause them to become signs of the triumph of My mercy in you.

Kindle Locations 4845-4847

The plan to renew the priesthood

I am about to carry out the plan for the renewal of My priesthood that for so long I have held within My Heart. These days of shame and of darkness that have come upon My priests in so many countries are about to be changed into days of glory and of light. I am about to sanctify My priests by a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon them. They will be sanctified as were My Apostles on the morning of Pentecost. Their hearts will be set ablaze with the divine fire of charity and their zeal will know no bounds.

Kindle Locations 2780-2783

Yes, I have united your heart to the heart of My servant Benedict XVI, and this from the very beginning of his pontificate. Listen well to all his teachings. Receive them and make them known, for he is My messenger and My victim-priest in the midst of a world that closes its ears to My word and that still derides the mystery of the Cross. Soon I will give the world a sign that will convert many hearts. Many others will remain closed and, in their refusal to listen and to be healed of the ravages of sin, they will be like hearts turned to stone, and incapable of responding to My redeeming love.

Kindle Locations 3098-3103

Who among My priests will survive the tribulation that is coming? Only those who will have listened to My plea for priest adorers, for priest reparators, for priests who will allow Me to befriend them, and who will give Me their time, their minds, and their hearts in the essential work of adoration. I call this work essential because the right order of things has been subverted and because a great disorder and confusion has overtaken the hearts and minds of My beloved priests. Adoration will be for them and for you the restoration of the only right order: the order of divine love poured into the hearts of men by the Holy Spirit Who is Love.

Kindle Locations 4021-4025

There is nothing that can reverse My plan now.

Kindle Location 4029

I am about to send My Holy Spirit as a blazing fire of purity over all the priests of My Church. Those who submit to this purifying and sanctifying action will flourish in My Church for the joy of My Heart and for the glory of My Father. Those who resist this purifying and sanctifying action will grieve Him, will bring great sorrow to My Heart, will provoke the justice of My Father, and will dry up like branches cut off from the vine and ready to be cast into another fire. He who refuses the flames of divine love will suffer the flames of divine justice. This is hard for you to hear, but I say it out of love, filled with an immense pity for every one of My priests, for I love each one to the point of what men of the world call madness; but it is not madness, it is the very nature of the divine love that blazes in My Sacred Heart.

Kindle Locations 4079-4085

The hour is late. Soon there will be no time left to offer Me the prayer and companionship that I have always sought and still seek from My priests. I say this not to cause panic or fright, but because priests must begin to realize that what I asked of My Apostles in Gethsemane perdures. It is My request, here and now, and it is no less urgent today than it was in that awful night in Gethsemane.

Kindle Locations 4466-4469

The attack on the Priesthood

The movement of persecution that is about to break out against My Church will focus on three objects. In fact, this has already begun. I will be attacked in My priests; they represent My Eucharistic Face. The face of the priesthood is My Face, once again mocked and covered with mud, spittle, and blood. I will be dishonoured in the Sacrament of My Body and Blood. You will see an increase of sins against the mysteries of My Body and Blood: sacrileges, desecrations, and mockeries. I will be attacked in the weakest and most vulnerable members of My Mystical Body. This too has already begun, but it will increase until it reaches proportions that will oblige My Father to avenge the blood of His beloved innocents.

Kindle Locations 1785-1790

The attack on My priesthood that appears to be spreading and growing is, in fact, in its final stages. It is a satanic and diabolical onslaught against My Bride the Church, an attempt to destroy her by attacking the most wounded of her ministers in their carnal weaknesses; but I will undo the destruction they have wrought and I will cause My priests and My Spouse the Church to recover a glorious holiness that will confound My enemies and be the beginning of a new era of saints, of martyrs, and of prophets.

Kindle Locations 2814-2817

…the Evil One has schemed and plotted to cover the mystery of My presence with a dark veil of neglect, of irreverence, of forgetfulness, and of unbelief.

Kindle Locations 4194-4195

The crisis in My priesthood will continue and will even grow worse unless My priests, the chosen friends of My Heart, forsake this passing world’s vanities and empty pursuits to become adorers in spirit and in truth.

Kindle Locations 4456-4457

The hardness of hearts

This is My sorrow: that so many, even within My Church and in the ranks of the clergy, My chosen ones and My friends, have hardened their hearts against Me and, to My immense grief, will die in their sins.

Kindle Locations 3103-3105

I have not set bishops over My flock to govern, to teach, and to sanctify out of their personal abilities and by making use of the wisdom of this passing world. I have set them as lights upon a lampstand to shine in every dark place, and I have equipped them with supernatural gifts and divine power to accomplish that for which I chose them and set them over My Church. Woe to those bishops who trust in purely human solutions to the problems that beset My Church! They will be grievously disappointed, and many souls will fall away because they have neglected to take up the supernatural weapons I have prepared for them in this time of spiritual combat.

Kindle Locations 3191-3196

So many of My priests are retarded in the exercise of their spiritual paternity because they are wounded in their identity as sons.

Kindle Locations 3254-3255

The Evil One plots My betrayal, a betrayal by My chosen ones, by the priests whom I love even in their filth, their sin, and their cold-heartedness.

Kindle Locations 3862-3863

If the reality of heaven has become vague and far from the thoughts of so many in My Church, it is because they have forsaken the very mystery of heaven already present and given to them in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar.

Kindle Locations 4613-4614

Specific to the mystic

I chose you, the most broken and sin-sick of all My priests, in order to fill your poverty with My gifts and to display My power in your weakness. Your soul was marked by deep wounds, the wounds inflicted by impurity and by sin at so tender an age. You could have continued down the path of evil prepared for you by Satan and his instruments, but My Mother intervened to save you, and she obtained from Me that you should carry out this work of adoration, reparation, and service to My beloved priests.

Kindle Locations 3144-3148

The Five Wounds of Christ

Ask Me to hide you in My wounds. There is a place for you in each of My five wounds; each of them represents a refuge against the temptations that threaten you, and the traps set by the devil, who would ensnare you and rejoice to see you fall.

The wound in My right hand is your refuge from sins of disobedience and self-will. Take refuge there when you are tempted to take the path that is easy and broad.

The wound in My left hand is your refuge from sins of selfishness, from directing all things to yourself, and grasping the attention of others by seeking to take to yourself what your right hand has given Me.

The wound in My right foot is your refuge from sins of inconstancy. Take refuge there when you are tempted to be inconsistent, and when you waver in your resolutions to love Me above all things, and to place Me first in your affections and in your desires.

The wound in My left foot is your refuge against sins of sloth and of spiritual lethargy. Take refuge there when you are tempted to give up the struggle and to consent to despair and discouragement.

Finally, the wound in My side is your refuge from every false love and every fleshly deceit promising sweetness, but giving bitterness and death instead. Take refuge in My pierced side when you are tempted to look for love in any creature. I have created you for My love, and My love alone can satisfy the desires of your heart. Enter, then, the wound in My side and, penetrating even into My Heart, drink deeply of the springs of love that will refresh and delight your soul and wash you in preparation for the wedding of your soul with Me, for I am the Bridegroom of your soul, your Saviour from all that would defile you, and your God who is love and mercy now and unto the ages of ages.

Kindle Locations 3048-3062

The effect of Adoration

Chapels of adoration are not mere refuges for the devout. They are the radiant, pulsating centres of an intense divine activity that goes beyond the walls of the place where I am adored to penetrate homes, and schools, and hospitals; to reach even those dark and cold places wherein souls are enslaved to Satan; to penetrate hearts, heal the infirm, and call home those who have wandered far from Me. For these reasons, the work of perpetual adoration, or even of prolonged daily adoration, is intensely apostolic and supernaturally efficacious. Would that My bishops understood this! They would not hesitate to implement the request that came to them from Rome already three years ago. But, alas, they put their trust in human schemes, in plans devised by the worldly-wise, and in programs drawn up along short-sighted human principles. And so they go, and they will continue to go from failure to failure, and from disillusionment to disillusionment.

Kindle Locations 3183-3190

Time spent in My presence is not time lost. It is the multiplication of time and the magnification of your limited strength into an energy that comes from Me, an energy by which I will do great things through you.

Kindle Locations 4132-4133

Adoration gives Me the space in which to work in a soul. It is the great corrective for those who, by their personality and character, are in constant movement and ever restless.

Kindle Locations 4144-4145

A little reading during adoration is not a bad thing; it can dispose the soul to listening to Me directly when I speak to the heart.

Kindle Locations 4152-4153

The purpose of life and the imagination

Live, then, in the present moment. Choose to be faithful to Me in the little things that I give you and ask of you from minute to minute, from hour to hour, and from day to day. It is foolish to pin your hopes and to spend your energy on an imaginary good, when the real good that I offer you is here and now.

It is not forbidden you to dream dreams or to imagine a future that you think will make you happy— I give you your imagination and I am not offended when you use it. The imagined good becomes an evil, however, when it saps you of your energy; when it drains you of the vitality that I would have you offer Me in sacrifice by being faithful to the reality that is here and now; and when you use your imagination to flee from obedience and submission to Me in the circumstances and in the places where I have placed you at this time. Plan for the future by living in the present.

Kindle Locations 3223-3227

Life is not linear; it is made up of twists and turns, of detours and setbacks, of obstacles and of trials. It is the man who perseveres in coming to Me through all these things who comforts My wounded Heart by offering a worthy and costly love.

Kindle Locations 4631-4633

Prayers of reparation

Only a human heart can make reparation for a human heart. For this reason the angels are sorrowful.

Kindle Locations 3905-3906

The angels are like living flames who burn in My Eucharistic presence, without ever being consumed. Yet for all of this, My angels cannot replace a single human heart in My presence. What I look for from men, what I wait for, above all, from My priests, My angels cannot give Me.

Kindle Locations 3909-3911

John made reparation for Peter’s denial of Me, not by standing in judgment over Peter, whom he honoured and loved as a father, but by weeping with Peter, and by offering himself in reparation for Peter’s fall. Again, it was John who offered Me faithful love in exchange for Judas’s faithless betrayal. He made reparation to My Heart that suffered so grievously when Judas walked out of the cenacle into the night. In that moment, John gave Me all the love of his heart, begging Me to accept it in reparation for Judas’s cold and calculated plot against Me.

Kindle Locations 3914-3919

Specifically pertaining to the Eucharist

The Eucharist is the invention of My love, and nothing surpasses it in all My works. The Eucharist is more than creation itself; it is the crown of My work of redemption in this world, and the foretaste of the glory that I have prepared for those who love Me, in the next.

Kindle Locations 4189-4192

In the Sacrament of My love, I am the pearl of great price and the treasure hidden in the field.

Kindle Locations 4223-4224

The Rosary

[Mary speaking] The Rosary is the means by which I attach souls to myself. The Rosary assures souls of my presence and of my protection. How could I not have come to save you last night whilst you were calling upon me by praying my Rosary?

Kindle Locations 1879-1881

There is no problem or difficulty that cannot be solved or resolved by faithful persevering recourse to My Mother’s most holy Rosary.

Kindle Locations 4656-4657

There are no sufferings that cannot be borne peacefully, so long as a soul is praying the Rosary.

Kindle Locations 4659-4660

A prayer for those who would offer one hour of adoration and reparation at home, at work, in hospital, in prison, or while travelling:

Lord Jesus Christ, although I cannot, during this hour, approach Thee physically in the Sacrament of Thy love, I would approach Thee by desire and by faith. Transport me, I beseech Thee, by the lifting up of my mind and heart, to that tabernacle in the world where Thou art, at this hour, most forsaken, utterly forgotten, and without human company. Let the radiance of Thy Eucharistic Face so penetrate my soul that by offering Thee adoration and reparation, even as I am busy doing ordinary things in an ordinary way, I may obtain from Thy Sacred Heart the return of at least one priest to the Tabernacle where Thou waitest for him today. Amen.

Kindle Location 4060