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Father Ripperger: State of the Spiritual Battlefield

March 6, 2021

Why don’t we go ahead and start with a prayer?

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Direct, O Lord, all our actions by Thy holy inspirations and carry them on by Thy gracious assistance so that every prayer and work of ours may begin from Thee, and, by Thee, be happily ended.

Through Christ Our Lord. Amen.

Our Lady of Divine Grace, pray for us.

In the name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

So, tonight’s conference is on the current state of the spiritual battlefield. And I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist to look out and see, it’s pretty bad. But I’m going to paint a picture of it that many people don’t really have access to.

As an Exorcist, you get access to certain things in sessions as the demons are talking. And there’s certain things that you learn that give you a sense of the complexion of the battlefield that is not very often grasped just by looking at how bad the civil authorities are behaving, or things of that sort.

Most Exorcists that were performing exorcisms before 1963 and after 1963 said that the average time before 1963 to liberate someone from possession was one to two days–on the outside, maybe seven days; this is once you got faculties to perform the solemn exorcism. The extraordinary case, the one that happened in St. Louis, went on for 59 days, which was unheard of. Overnight, in 1963, they said it was like a switch that happened.

And so, what happened is that the time to take to liberate people from one to two days went to ten months, to two years, overnight, across the board. It didn’t matter what the case of possession was, it didn’t matter what the circumstances was.

When I first started being an Exorcist, about 15 years ago, it would take about 10 months to two years to liberate somebody. Something happened in the life of the Church, and then it went down to two to three months. About six months later, there was a shift that happened spiritually–I suppose you could say, I could feel it in the force–but there was a shift that happened that cases that were normally taking 10 months to two years are now almost indefinite.

Most exorcists are complaining they’re practically liberating no one, and that actually tells you something, because the state of the Church is actually part of the problem. The exorcisms that a priest does work Ex Opere Operontes Ecclesiae, which basically means that the efficacy of them is based upon the state of the Church. So, the worse the state of the Church is, the longer it takes to liberate people.

Now there’s another dynamic to that, too, and that is the fact that people by and large are not very virtuous today. And so, as a result God drags things out so that people can reach a certain level of virtue before He actually liberates them so they can actually stand on their feet, after they’re liberated. But, as a general rule, that tells us something about the state of the Church; that it’s not in good shape (which, obviously, you know).

There is something in relationship to the enemy, however. So, underneath Satan (some of you might have heard this on some of my other conferences) there’s five demons that execute the plans of Satan; that’s their job: to execute; make sure that what he designs or intends is properly executed. They call them the Five Generals. In some cases, they’ll refer to themselves as The Table, or The Council. And these five are very key in understanding moral collapse in a given society because they execute things in a very methodical way.

Demons are extraordinarily consistent. They’re so consistent, but because we don’t understand when they’re doing things or what they’re doing, it seems random to us. But once you get a sense of their patterns of behavior, you start to find out that they are completely consistent. So, if you look at this, you will find – we are going to go into these five generals and what they are doing within our own culture. These five generals act in a very specific way. They act very consistently, and once you begin to see what they do, you can begin to realize, okay, this is their behavior and this is what the battlefield looks like.

So many nations follow this path to moral degradation. We see it across the board.

The existence of this council is not certain. The demons talk about it, but they’re liars. You never could be absolutely certain, but exorcists commonly experience it. Of those who actually do have that experience of the exorcists, they tend to be very consistent, in saying, “yes, this seems to be the five that are there.”

So the five generals on the side of Satan on that side of the battlefield, the first, is Ba’al, he’s the demon of impurity. Now, ultimately, the demon of impurity is Beelzebub, which is another name for Satan, but Ba’al is the one that’s basically immediately under Satan. And Ba’al does something very specific: his job is to corrupt the morals within a culture by pushing impurity. So this is essentially what he does.

So the first thing that you’ll see in many countries that begins the process of the moral decay is a collapse in the morals in relationship to the sixth and ninth commandments. If you look at it in our country, fornication was originally illegal in most states. Actually, they had fornication laws, that if you got caught committing fornication, you could be punished for it. But many of them obviously don’t enforce it. And now states are currently striking them down. They’re getting rid of them, actually.

Fornication, Saint Paul says in his First Letter to the Corinthians, is an indication that you will not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven if you do it. “Fornicators don’t enter the Kingdom of Heaven,” which means it’s mortally sinful, which means it gravely offends God.

Over the past five decades, cohabitation among couples has increased by almost 900%, while other states increased by nineteen-fold.

In 1960, they estimate that there were 430,000 couples cohabitating. In 2015, there were 8.3 million couples cohabitating.

One survey among the Protestants, indicated that 76 percent of Protestants said the cohabitation’s acceptable. So, in other words they had stopped following Scripture. Imagine that for a Protestant? I mean, that’s just the nullification of their whole identity. Their not even quoting Scripture (which they don’t do anyway, but we all know that). But the point is that it’s one of those things that they’re not even following a very obvious situation here. They said the cohabitation is acceptable. Catholics aren’t any better: 74 percent say it’s acceptable for couples to live together before they’re married. The principal end of the demon Ba’al is to drive the destruction of marriage by the collapse of sexual morals. He has succeeded in our culture.

The Free Love movement in the 1960s by the hippies was the first beginning of that collapse within our country. Once that began, there’s a cascade of events that happens. Because, once Ba’al gets in, and he’s driving this stuff, then we actually know that the collapse is coming if we don’t get a handle on this. It’s all actually based upon a certain logic. So, once once you divorce conjugal relations from their end of having children, and we divorce it from marriage, then anything goes, ultimately.

And so, the next demon is Asmodeus, or some people pronounce it (depending on what part of the country you’re from), ‘Asmodeus,’ and he is the demon of homosexuality in men. Now, he also does drive impurity, but he’s the demon of homosexuality in men.

Once a culture ceases believing in the inseparability of the unity of the procreative elements which Paul VI talked about, then sex degenerates into purely a question about pleasure; that’s what happens. And so, it becomes divorced from its proper finality and any rational governance is lost, and therefore, homosexuality arises.

When I was in college at the University of San Francisco, one of the professors said that if you actually look at the history of cultures, the time when a culture succumbs to contraception, there is a direct concomitant and proportionate rise in homosexuality. This indicates to us, this demon of homosexuality in men, is a sign that this is the normal progression–in the United States it took a slightly different path, we’ll see that in a minute–but when the culture first gives into impurity then the next thing that’s going to arise is homosexuality. Then the next demon under after him is Leviathan.

Now, Leviathan is the demon of homosexuality in women, of the masculine sort. These are the women who are “heavy on the heels.” So these are the the butchie haircuts, and all that type of thing. This is the demon that drives people to seek empowerment, specifically women who are homosexual. There’s actually two demons of homosexuality in women, so this is the first.

One movement which is becoming of note in the public media was started by three lesbian women, I’m sure you know who it is, I’m not going to say it because I’m going to try and post this, and it’ll get taken down if I mention which movement it is, but it was actually started by three lesbian women, of which, one of them was actually involved in the occult overtly.

Exorcists are noticing a connection between those who are deeply entrenched in the homosexual culture and the occult. And those two, coupled with the adoption of Marxist Communist principles, because they both tend towards chaos.

The next is the demon of homosexuality in women named Lilith. Now, Lilith is a demon of homosexuality in women of the passive of the seductive kind. When you meet them they look like a normal woman and they tend to act generally like a normal woman. But we are seeing a rise of this in connection with bisexuality that’s becoming the big thing, that’s starting to occur more frequently.

In 2015 in the supreme court, Obergefell vs. Hodges– if I mispronounce that the lawyers can correct me–our nation was delivered into the hands of Satan’s general, Asmodeus. This is what happened. They delivered our country into, by allowing homosexual marriage, they delivered our country into the hands of that general, of Asmodeus, Leviathan, and Lilith.

The last of the five generals is Baphomet, and he is the demon of child sacrifice. So, if you look at the United States, we didn’t follow this normal path (although many countries actually do follow this normal path if you look at it, historically). In this particular case, we actually skipped: we went from from Ba’al to Baphomet (he’s the demon of child sacrifices). And we’ve seen statues are going up all around the country of this guy.

Obviously, in the United States, there’s been there’s 60 million abortions/ Worldwide, by abortion in the last 30 years, we have wiped out one billion people or more. This is where we’re at.

The book “Demonic Abortion” lays out a pretty good argument that abortion has become a form of diabolic sacrifice. In fact, one of the things that exorcists are starting to catch wind of is the fact that the Satanists are going into the medical profession to become abortionists because then they can basically be killing children.

Then we have “post-abortion abortion”. Nobody wants to call it infanticide because they want to say it’s post-abortion abortion. Because if it’s infanticide, then basically we are not any different from the Mayans or any of these other people that were killing their children.

One of the signs that abortion is diabolically driven is how entrenched it has become. It’s so hard to root it out and how externally difficult it has become in combating it. And people are very visceral about it. You just mention that abortion is immoral, it’s a killing of somebody, and the vitriol that you get back from people is astounding!

But, if you look at what our court system has done in allowing abortion, allowing gay marriage, and striking down the fornication laws, the court system in this country in the last 35 years to 40 years has delivered our country in to the hands of the five generals that execute Satan’s plans. That’s what that means.

What about the civil authorities? Well you can watch my series on Communism and Satanism and you actually see that Communism–the Deep State is just another name for Communism. But if you actually look at Communism and Satanism, their psychology, for example, when I deal with demons in session; the constant lying, the constant manipulation, the attitude that they’re superior, they have a right to rule, things like that. If you look at the psychology of Communism and Satanism, they’re identical.

There’s becoming an indication that more and more politicians around the world, even in this country, more around this world are becoming involved in the occult.

In Switzerland, when they opened up the New Gotthard Tunnel, they actually had a ritual. And that ritual–you can actually watch it–I don’t recommend it, but you can watch it on YouTube. It was a ritual to Baphomet, the demon of child sacrifice. And you have all these people–Merkel was there–you had all these people from Asia–that type of thing–sitting there–these heads of state–sitting while this ritual to Baphomet is going on in there, and they’re just sitting there, like this is totally normal behavior.

And then there’s other indicators too that the civil leaders are becoming more and more involved in the occult–not all of them, obviously.

Then there’s a supportive groups whose leaders are involved in the occult; they support groups. So we’re seeing that.

So, on the side of our enemy, they’ve got a lot of power, they’ve got a lot of influence. On this side of the Church Militant, on our side of the battlefield, it’s not looking so good. The bishops are allowing the civil authorities to use COVID to essentially shut down the Spigot of Grace; to shut us down so that we can’t go to Mass, can’t get to confession, can’t get the Sacraments. There’s less Communions, less Confessions, Mass attendance has dropped; it’s unlikely it’ll ever return to the pre-COVID state, and even then, it wasn’t very good.

The Bishops were supposed to be the Generals in this battle, are nowhere to be found in the spiritual battlefield, with a few exceptions (there’s a few of them).

In fact, my experiences in dealing with bishops, because I have to deal with them a lot, because in order to do an exorcism in a particular location, you have to have the permission of the Local Ordinary–that most bishops will just simply give you the jurisdiction, or give you the the faculties to do so, and then tell you, I don’t want to hear any more about it. They just literally want to run from it.

The Mystical Body of Christ is not in a good way. What most people don’t seem to realize is that the sin that they commit affects everybody else because, by committing this sin, you do two things…One, you detract from the holiness of the members of the Mystical Body of Christ, which means that the amount of merit that is being gained and therefore the graces coming into the world which would come from your merit, is being reduced. The second thing is, you’re empowering the demons in the lives of people–other people–by bringing the demons into this world by the disorder of the sin.

Let’s face it, people are not virtuous generally. How do you know that? All you have to do is look what happened after Katrina. It degenerated. Katrina showed us, God was showing to us, this is what we are as a nation: we are unvirtuous. The minute things got bad, it degenerated into looting, into gangs, etc. There was very little rational control that people were exercising and people are not virtuous, even the Catholics.

According to the Heritage Foundation, we have this statistic that 95 percent of Catholic couples are either currently now using contraception or have used contraception. So 95 percent. You know how they got the statistic? Bill Clinton; he wanted to find out how serious the Catholics were in leading their faith. They did an analysis and did a study and found out that that’s the statistic, 95 percent of Catholics are using contraception or have used contraception.

Then, of course, it’s just the self-abuse and the pornography. I’m going to talk about pornography a little bit later because it’s become a gargantuan problem in our side of the battlefield because it’s something that the exorcists are having to combat with and people who are watching it.

Then there’s the general lack of fortitude among men. I mean, men are just so effeminate today. If you’re going to battle and you’ve got a formidable force, which demons are extraordinarily powerful if we let them be, then we have on our side people are just weak.

And then you have women who are immodest.

Then there’s, of course, the problem with usurpation within the family among women and among the society among the culture.

Then of course there’s the feminist movement–which, by the way, has its direct correlation and connection historically and intellectually to Communism–has fully affected even Catholic thinking.

When you talk to people about Catholics, even good Catholics, about the natural law structure that God had designed the family to be, the vitriol you get is is a little astounding.

If you want to see what the real state of people’s virtue is, all you have to do is go on to a Catholic forum and just see what people post there. It’s appalling!

The Church Militant is nowhere where it needs to be to fight the spiritual battle, let alone in place to undergo persecution. We’re in trouble.

The state of the Church is beyond human correction (in my estimation). If there is persecution, it will reduce the numbers of Catholics to very few. That’s just going to happen to the very few who are very faithful.

What are exorcists seeing on the battlefield as a result of this?

What we’re seeing, first, in relationship to possession: it’s not much of an increase. The number of people that are possessed is fairly low. The last time I kept a statistic from the number of people that were possessed that came to see us, was in 2015. So, I saw 600 people in 2015. Out of that 600 only three were possessed. So, it’s usually about 0.5 or 1.5 percent, and I think that the 0.5 percent of population is generally true out there but it’s increasing because of what people are getting involved in.

So, possession is pretty much the same, but to get people liberated is becoming more and more and more difficult, even when, on the side of the people who are possessed, they’re doing everything they possibly can in order to get this thing out, and yet, it’s just that demons are so empowered and because of this state of the world.

Then there’s diabolic obsession: that’s where the demons attack the person psychologically. We are seeing a drastic increase. My own estimation is, that among the adult population, it’s about 20 to 25 percent of the adult population are diabolically obsessed, and I’m not alone in that statistic; other exorcists say the same thing.

It was interesting, because about the first time I got asked about that, three weeks later, a study came out and found out that, among college students between the ages of 18 and 22, about 20 to 25 percent of them had already seen a psychologist or seeing a psychologist, which tells you–although I’m not implying that all psychological stuff is diabolic. What I’m saying is, is that that gives us an indicator that there’s a correspondence or a correlation.

We’re also seeing a drastic increase with obsession in relationship to pornography.

What people don’t seem to realize what happened is that the Satanists taught the people in Hollywood, and then they also taught the people in the music industry, and then they also taught the people producing pornography; that if you curse the master copy from which the movie or the music or the pornography comes from, that curse trickles down to all the copies, so, if somebody comes in contact with it and listens to it, it actually boosts the addictiveness effect of that particular thing. And some people actually become subject to the curse themselves.

And so we’ve seen an increase even in possessions especially among men in relationship to pornography.

Statistics range from 35 to 50 percent of the bandwidth of the internet at any one given time is being used by pornography. Think of that! 35 to 50 percent of what is going through our internet in our country is pornography.

Pornographic websites: there’s 4.2 million of them; it’s 12% of the total websites on the Internet.

Dated pornographic emails is now 2.5 billion, or eight percent of the emails.

Internet users who view pornography is 42.7 percent.

The daily Gnutella child pornography requests–this is the number of people that are looking for child pornography every day–is 116,000 every day.

The average age of the first internet use exposure to pornography is 11 years old.

15 to 17-year-olds, on average, that have been exposed to hardcore pornography is 80 percent.

18 to 16-year-olds having viewed porn online is 90 percent. And, interestingly enough, during the study they found out most of it was being done while they’re doing their homework.

Lack of virtue makes it hard for people to fight diabolic obsession. The amount of mortal sin is just off the charts. We’re just extraordinarily weak. We’re offending God, and we’re doing a lot of things that have really made things pretty bad.

And then, of course, we have the problem of receiving the Sacraments in the state of mortal sin, when people are receiving Holy Communion when they when they’re in the state of mortal sin and haven’t gone to Confession.

Another thing that exorcists are seeing is in relationship to oppression. So oppression, we’ve seen a drastic rise in relationship to oppression. Some of it’s connected to the pornography issue, but some of it is actually connected to the fact that there’s a drastic increase in Witchcraft and Satanism that’s affecting people.

Now, there’s three tiers of witches and Satanists. There’s three tiers. They tend not to like to do too much with each other, at least in my experience, although, once in a while, they’ll kind of do stuff together but they tend to kind of keep their distance from each other. But each one has three levels.

In relationship to the witches, there’s just the people who dabble in witchcraft, and those people by and large, don’t get too much influence by diabolic influence in an extraordinary way.

Then there’s the middle-tier. I call them the hacks. These are the people who are engaged in witchcraft who are trying to do stuff. They’re trying to research it. They’re trying to get stuff to become proficient in it because it’s a form of empowerment. But these are the hacks. These are the people who will–actually you’ll see them online. We will cast a spell for forty five dollars. Just sign right up, and we’ll give you–we’ll get you that boyfriend through this spell. There’s actually a ritual called an exorcism for he who has become subject to a spell by a love potion. I actually had to use it once.

So then the third tier–and this is true even of the satanists. I’m sure you remember that guy that was in Oklahoma City who had stolen the host, or he says he stole host and–by the way, I thought that Bishop Coakley’s approach, that was a stroke of genius: just tell him, “hey, that’s our property. If you don’t do this, we’re going to sue you for theft.” So he gave it back. Well, we hope he gave it back. But he was so funny because he’s online and you could tell the guy’s a total hack. He gets up there, and he’s holding, he’s talking, “it’s just a piece of bread. Why is everybody make such a fuss.” A piece of bread. Whoa, whoa, time out. You’re the guy that’s making the fuss about it. You won’t give it up. You’re holding on to it. You’re telling everybody you’re going to do this with it. So really you’re the one that’s making the fuss about the thing.

But he was a total hack because true Satanists and witches, you don’t even know who they are. They can be the person sitting next to you in church. They can be the judge or the policeman or the fire department guy. They can just be anybody that has an upstanding position, because Satanists know that if they are caught for their activities, there are capital crimes for what they’re doing, and so it’s so hidden. You can’t even find out who they are.

The witches that are at that third level ,the highest level that aren’t the hacks, are the same way. You don’t even know who they actually are and most of them, the witchcraft has been in their families for three to four hundred years to the point where they actually have the same level of knowledge, some of them, almost that I do. In relationship to how this works – how the demons are, how they function, etc., how to get involvement. Those people that are on that upper tier, witches they don’t cast spells against people to try and cause harm because they know that they can actually become subject to it. So they just avoid it, but there’s a drastic increase due to the witches and satanism that’s affecting people. We’re seeing a drastic increase in the oppression.

That, layered on top of some natural problems.

I mean, the one thing that people say, COVID made people mentally ill. I said, “no, people were already mentally ill. COVID just brought it out.” They said, “well, what do you mean?” I said, let’s look at it this way…

About 15 years ago, I was talking to a group of Catholic psychologists. There was 40 of them, and I said already by this time a majority of our culture has already slipped into mental illness, and you have to understand that in psychology, they think something is mentally healthy if everyone is doing it. We as Catholics know that’s not true. What’s mentally healthy is what the natural law dictates. Not what everyone’s doing. And I made the observation, I said, “look at 50 years ago or if a guy stood on the street corner and said I think two dudes should get to get married, they would have hauled that guy off to a rubber room”. But now 56 percent of the people in this country think it’s perfectly fine. That’s a sign that we have become completely disconnected from reality.

Okay, so that being said, the amount of mental illness is also creating a problem because then what happens is that it becomes harder to actually do the good, etc. COVID just brought the thing to the surface. That’s all it did.

Okay, that’s the state of the battlefield. It’s not good.

However, there is a positive sign. Many of the priests that are newly ordained that are coming up right now are some of the most solid, chaste, orthodox priests that I’ve come across. I have a lot of hope for these guys. They’re self-sacrificial. They’re willing to do what it takes. There’s a desire for masculinity in their priesthood, etc. They’re on the path to becoming real spiritual fathers, etc., and that’s a sign from God. Because, any time there’s a problem, God starts stacking the graces as preventive, so that, as the as the problem reaches its crisis, things are in place. And I think that a lot of the newly ordained priests are solid, and I think they’re going to do a lot of good.

There’s more exorcists now. When I was first started being an exorcist 15 years ago, there were only 13 exorcists in the entire country and out of that 13 only 5 really knew what they were doing. Now there’s about 130, of which, 20 to 25 know what they’re doing. So, it’s better, right?

But this is an important point because exorcists are on the forefront because, a lot of times, when you’re dealing with cases of possession, the demons do two things. One is that by combating them, you’re weakening the demons in the process, so it does have an overall effect. It may not be very perceptible, but it does have an overall effect. But the second part of it is they start revealing to you many of the things which I mentioned, that this is what’s going on.

Then there is a tremendous amount of protection that is being given to people who are faithful. Look at it just on this college campus. Think about it. Okay, it’s God, people have their problems, etc., but the amount of protection that is being afforded to people who are being faithful is extraordinary.

One time when I had the noonday devil in the case of possession (yeah he’s a real guy).

It’s interesting, because when I researched who he was, he’s the demon of the midlife crisis. That’s what the Fathers say, the Fathers of the Church. So when psychologists say, “hey we came up with this idea, ‘The Mid-life Crisis.’ Sorry, the Fathers beat you to the punch. But they said he was the demon of the mid-life crisis.

But at one point, he said to me during the exorcism, he just looks at me and he says, “if you weren’t being protected, I’d snap your neck”. It didn’t cause any fear. I’m like, “hey he’s right I’m being protected. “

And over the course of time I began to realize, as I view the suffering that people who are possessed or people are being attacked diabolically, the amount of the things that they deal with diabolically in the attacks, that the level of protection that are being given to the faithful in general, that you know people are trying to lead a good Catholic life, is extraordinary because obviously the diabolic influence today is at an all-time high. We’re not seeing stuff that’s normal.

There’s also a general awareness that we are in combat. That’s slowly coming up, especially among the laity. They’re recognizing that they have to do these things in order to keep their families protected. They have to do the stuff that requires to keep demons at bay in their own particular lives etc. So a lot of the laity are coming up to speed. Some of the priests are, but not so much. I have more hope in the laity recognizing that this is an important thing, that’s actually coming up.

So, the battlefield: the generals look like they’re overrunning the thing, but God is now forming the troops. It’s coming together, slowly. Doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. It’s going to be difficult, but at a certain point those people who are faithful, their ability to influence the good is going to be rather extraordinary.

And then I’m going to end with this, and then we’ll have just a few questions…

When we look at how bad everything is in the world, in the Church, for example, when we see Our Lady of Fatima said, unless Russia is consecrated to my Immaculate Heart, Russia will spread its errors and many countries or many states–there will be the ruin of many states. So many of the countries are going to be destroyed.

You also see this in relationship to the various apparitions of Our Lady throughout time.

What’s interesting, is at Akita, Japan, when Our Lady appeared there, she predicted that there would be cardinal against cardinal and bishop against bishop, and you see that. We’re seeing that already, where there’s this infighting that’s starting to go on among the hierarchy. And so that was a prediction. And at there, she said, well, it’s too late. The chastisement’s coming. There’s nothing you can do except to pray to be spared the effects of it. But that tells you, you can pray and be spared the effects of it.

The overrun of the battlefield by the diabolic is the precursor to the spiritual precursor to the stuff that’s coming, but the thing to keep in mind that everything Our Lady has predicted in these apparitions has come true, and that also means that what will come true is the fact that, eventually, her Immaculate Heart–the Pope will consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart, and, as a result, she, the Immaculate Heart, will triumph.

We know that the Church will re-resurrect almost because we know that it’s going to get to the point where it almost looks like the thing’s extinguished, and then it’s going to resurrect and have a new vitality and a new life. So, that’s coming.

So, even though we see this–the overrun of the diabolic and the fact that the battlefield is so brutal, we know that the light’s at the end of the tunnel. Our job is just to be very persistent, very consistent, making sure that we’re being very faithful to God, to the teachings of the Church, not allowing ourselves to fall into sin, always maintaining a habitual life of grace and then, as a result of that, we’ll get through it, and that, in the end, we, all of us here, I think, will eventually see the glory of the Church restored.

And then the demons–the battlefield complexion will completely change. Because, once Our Lady gets involved, the demons are nowhere to be found. She has perfect course of power over demons, and every time she just shows up, they’re out of there, so we know that that’s coming.

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