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Peter talk’s about various events coming up. The interview is part 1 with Barbara Golder.

“Car Parts”

Peter talks about how we sometimes think of God as “our man” vs “Our God”, and if prayers are not answered exactly. The interview is with Dennis McGeehan.

Peter Ingemi talks Election Year topics

We caught up with Mass native and long-time friend of WQPH, Peter Ingemi, host of Your Prayer Intentions (airs on Saturdays at noon), and blogger at, for his thoughts on this unusual election year, what’s at stake for the country, and the Christian culture in America. You can follow Peter on Twitter at @DaTechGuyblog. […]


Peter finally gets a few words in about his different take on the dishonest judge parable. The interview is with Rich DeVos, the author of Compassionate Capitalism.


Peter considers the simple faith of a freed slave, and part one of his interview with Dr. Helen Hoffner.

“The Two Marys”

Peter talks about the significance of the two contrasting Marys at the foot of the cross. The interview is the final part of our talk with August Turak.

Interview with Mark Rollo on Euthanasia


Peter talks about remembering that death in inevitable and how we should plan for it; the interview is parts 2-3 of his talk with August Turak.

“Statues and Pride”

Peter talks about how the toppling of statues is the ultimate express of the sin of pride, of being the Pharisee in the parable of the Pharisee and the tax collector, and the interview is part 3 of my talk with Virginia Pillars about her book, Broken Brain, Fortified Faith

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