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Tom Caffrey of The 13th Apostle recovers from COVID-19

Tom Caffrey is a co-host, along with Dan Duddy, of The 13th Apostle, which airs on WQPH every Saturday at 11:30 AM. Tom recently contracted the COVID-19 Coronavirus along with members of his family. He shared about this difficult trial on this past Saturday’s show (April 4th), and he graciously agreed to the following interview… […]

“Local News”

Peter covers some local news. Part I of Peter’s interview with author Tony Agnesi.

“To the Test”

Part II of our interview with Kendra Von Esh. We talk about the difference between putting God to the test and having faith.

“What I Want”

Part one of Peter’s interview with Kendra Von Esh. He discusses Paul observed that his flesh is inclined to sin.


Peter was spontaneously inspired to say a St. Michael prayer after the “Catholic’s Come Home” prayer on the show the interview is the rest of our talk with Fr. Edward Looney about his book, “A heart like Mary’s”.


Peter talks about how we are no different than the people of Moses time when it comes to sin and recognizing God. The interview is part one with Fr. Edward Looney about his book, “A heart like Mary’s.”

Bridie Vail, “Pure in Heart”


 Peter talks about the unknown saints. The interview is Kathleen Billings.


Guest is Jennifer Angelle of Hugs From Heaven. Topic is the excuses folk make about faith.