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Title Description Air Date
“Moment” 2020-11-21
“Josiah” 2020-11-14
“Christ and elections”

Peter talks about James chapter 4 and how it applies to our current situation.

“James” 2020-10-31
Falling and Rising

Peter talks about forgiveness and coming back from sin. The guest is Barbara Golder.

“An Appeal”

Peter makes a pitch for funding for WQPH. The interview is Barber Golder.

“The Last Healing”

In addition to part 2 of his interview with local author Paul Migliosi, Peter talks about the last healing that Jesus does in the Gospel.

“Eucharistic Procession”

Part 1 of 2 of Peter’s interview with Paul Migliosi


Peter talk’s about various events coming up. The interview is part 1 with Barbara Golder.

“Car Parts”

Peter talks about how we sometimes think of God as “our man” vs “Our God”, and if prayers are not answered exactly. The interview is with Dennis McGeehan.


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