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In the spirit of St. Gabriel, Local Matters is our weekly herald of vital news, knowledge, and wisdom for local Catholics!

Title Description Air Date
Reclamation Theology with Kyle Clement – Catholic Conscience Part 1 2020-09-12
Healing the Whole Person with Kyle Clement – Counter Culture 2020-09-05
Guardian Team, Our Lady of Guadeloupe Rosary – Part 1 2020-08-22
Reclamation Theology with Kyle Clement – Part 2 2020-08-01
Local Matters – July 18th, 2020

6th Anniversary Interview with Fr Bob Bruso

From the Housetops, Our Lady of Perpetual Help 2020-06-27
Local Matters – April 18th, 2020

WFSI’s Kyle Clement: Pornography Part II

Local Matters – March 14th, 2020

WSFI’s Reclamation Theology with Kyle Clement: 1st Friday – What Keeps Us From Being What We Want to Be

Local Matters – March 6th, 2020

WSFIs Reclamation Theology with Kyle Clement, Come Home Come Roam Part 2.

Local Matters – February 29th, 2020

St. Anthony’s Choir and others, Return to the Shadows (rerun)


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