Hand-made Pocket Rosaries

These beautiful durable pocket Rosaries are hand-made by a member of WQPH for the particularly for men and women who protect us; those of the military, police force, firefighters, and spiritual protectors. It is made very strong with metal, and special craftsmanship. It is exceptionally durable!

The Rosary is fashioned after The Church Militant Combat Rosary which was commissioned by the government and issued by the military, upon request, to soldiers serving in World War I and the beginning of World War II.

The Rosary has a miraculous medal for the center piece with Mary’s promise that those who wear it will receive great graces (Mary has helped many armies defeat the enemy and win the battle).

The St. Benedict medal bears the Exorcism Blessing along with the promise that comes with the medal that whosoever wears this medal with devotion, trusting in the life-giving power of the Holy Cross and the merits of the Holy Father, St. Benedict, may expect the powerful protection of this great Patriarch in his spiritual and temporal needs.  The St. Benedict Medal is one of the oldest and most honored medals approved by the Catholic Church due to the belief in its power against great evil. It is also known as the “Devil-Chasing Medal.”

These Rosaries and their medals were given the special blessing of a Priest.

The Rosary also comes with a small packet of prayer cards and booklets to assist you in your prayers.

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