Thank you to all our pilgrims and speaking event attendees!

Maria Saraco joins members of our pilgrimage to Montreal

Dear WQPH listeners, supporters, and members…

We are still catching our breath from the whirlwind of graces that turned our lives about; the pilgrimage to Montreal, and the Maria Saraco speaking events following soon after!

Even so, we wanted to say thank you for making these WQPH offerings a success!

Consider the spiritual significance of what we have seen: we brought the miraculous image of Our Lady of America to Canada, all the way to Saint Joseph’s oratory. There is profound spiritual significance in that alone, as icons of the parents of Christ unite; like two stars shining clearly in the confused darkness.

We were also accompanied by Maria Saraco, who has carried for many years the message impressed upon her when she witnessed miracles at Garabandal. This message was renewed with our speaking events which were well attended and very moving to attendees.

It is so easy today to get stuck on how bad things are, and the ugliness and brazenness of sin in our age, but with these events, and our mutual company in the Holy Spirit, we have experienced the deeper reality: the mystery of the Cross; that inexpressible joy that is born of sorrows.

WQPH is an apostolate. We exist to spread the Gospel which is our Faith. Events like the ones you participated in is our very purpose.

May the experiences of these events be for you an everlasting spring of God’s loving mercy, to show you He is present in the midst of the storm.

And stay tuned…We’re preparing so much more!

Members of WQPH