Stories From Listeners: A Helped Hand

A listener writes in to share his story of a miraculous healing while praying the Rosary:

I actually received years a triple healing.  I think.  It was at St. Mary’s in Cambridge.  I was a skeptic and only went there to pray and to meet up with a buddy of mine.  My ears ached for a while due to a very bad cold.  During the rosary both my ears popped and I put my fingers and my ear and there was no pain.  The 2nd/3rd healing is more astonishing.  I woke up in the middle of the night and went to slice open crusty bread with a knife. The knife went into the bread and sliced my finger.  It was a bloodbath in my kitchen as I bled completely through the first towel and had to use a 2nd.  After I noticed that I lost some 40% of the feeling in my pinky and instead of it gradually folding out it would snap open.  The Nurse practitioner thought I did damage to the nerves and severed the flexor tendon telling me surgery was probably needed to reattach it.  This went on for years and I had great difficulty typing from the A key in typing because of a lack of feeling. My buddy Paul knew about this for years.  Same time during the rosary I felt thick pins and needles through the pinky finger and next thing I knew to flex out and fold out my finger and it was good as new.

– A WQPH Listener

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